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Reform of provision of pensions

Struggle for world level of pensions gets unexpected forms

At the yesterday`s session of the government spent first vitse - prime minister Vladimir Kadannikov, the question " was main; About a course of realisation of the concept of reform of system of provision of pensions in the Russian Federation . A question in itself extremely interesting: the government has decided to find in the crisis country money for increase of pensions. The additional intrigue to session was given by discussion about transfer to tax service of the right to collect pension payments. And as a result this not trivial step have decided to carry out really.

the government has declared reform of pension system of Russia in August of last year - then the special decision even had been confirmed its concept. The authorities recognised that the pension system has hard time: The enterprises pay as insurance payments almost 30 % of fund of payment, and meanwhile the average size of pensions is extremely insignificant and does not exceed 40 % of the average salary. Certainly, it would be possible to recognise simply that pensions in the crisis country and cannot be big, and, for example, in general to refuse the state pension system (as in Chile). However in Russia it would be rather courageous step: the population has got used to high level of social protection and waits that in reforms this level even will be raised. Therefore have solved, what even it is possible to find money in the crisis country for increase of pensions to level of the most developed countries if to improve the state pension system taking into account world experience. A reform essence - in creation of the three-level pension scheme. The base pensions paid by the state actually all invalid, including not having sufficient seniority will be the first level. The labour (insurance) pension will be the second, main level. Its size corresponds to the seniority of the worker and the size of its payments in fund of the state pension insurance. Changes here in comparison with existing order are rather essential. First of all it is supposed to make responsible for payment of these payments not only the employer, but also - payments are offered to be divided into the worker between them fifty-fifty. Besides, payments of each worker will be separately considered that will make possible liquidation of all present forms of the account of the seniority, including even work record cards. Not state pensions should form the third level of system.
and here at yesterday`s session of the government present have started to find out, how the new concept is realised. According to Vladimir Kadannikov in spite of the fact that from the moment of the concept statement has passed 9 months, reform actually yet has not begun. And meanwhile for such time more difficult institutes " are born also; - the first has complained vitse - the prime minister. Has been decided to charge to the social protection Ministry by October to develop the project of the new pension law so that by New year the law has been accepted in the Duma. On it the minister Lyudmila Bezlepkina without special enthusiasm has told: We will try .
At yesterday`s session one question of principle has been solved only: who further, beginning since 1997, will collect insurance payments. The fierce dispute between head of the Pension fund Vasily Barchukom and Lyudmila Bezlepkinoj has inflamed extremely. Vasily Barchuk suggested to keep not simply the right to collect payments behind the Pension fund, and to create on the basis of fund the whole pension ministry - Federal Agency of the state pension insurance. Minsotszashchity, on the contrary, has urged to select this right at the Pension fund and to transfer to its state tax service. The argument Bezlepkinoj did not differ originality: what for to duplicate the same functions if at tax departments is both experience, and authority among tax bearers, and information base. It is remarkable that this point of view was supported by tax service, and also the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics. As a result the offer Bezlepkinoj was supported also by Vladimir Kadannikov. The similar position of the government could be regarded as sensation: reform of provision of pensions still actually has not begun, and basic changes in tax system are already approved. However, actually, all is very simple: transfer of pension payments to conducting tax service will allow to improve considerably position with budgetary incomes - and now this problem excites the government as any another.