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Situation round joint-stock company Ferrohrom

to the Kazakh metallurgists have thrown with a power stranglehold

year Proceeding almost the conflict between the Kazakh joint-stock company Kazhrom (not wishing to deliver to Russia chromic ore) and the Russian metallurgists (remained without raw materials) has, seemingly, reached the peak. One of these days the Russian Open Society UES of Russia for debts has practically stopped electric power deliveries to the central enterprise rebellious Kazhroma - to the Aktyubinsk joint-stock company Ferrohrom . Probably, it is the first example of power influence in the prolonged conflict.

So has developed that the Russian manufacturers ferrohroma (Serovsky, Kuznetsk, Kljuchevsky factories of ferroalloys, the Chelyabinsk electrometallurgical industrial complex, the Chelyabinsk metal works) long since received necessary raw materials from Kazakhstan. Therefore, when in June of last year the company Kazhrom (its structure includes the Don GOK, joint-stock company Ferrohrom and Ermakovsky factory of ferroalloys) has been transferred in a trust to consortium Japan Chrome Corporation (JCC), the Russian metallurgists have begun to worry. Also was paternal - the new owner declared that henceforth for limits of Kazakhstan will be taken out only ready ferrohrom, and has stopped deliveries of chromic ore to Russia. In the beginning of January it has been completely stopped ferrohromnoe manufacture on a Mechel almost manufacture was reduced to 50 % at Serovsky factory and Chelyabinsk electrometallurgical industrial complex.
within a year the Russian authorities tried to restore former well-being by negotiations, but it is vain. However in hands they still had last and very strong trump - the Kazakh enterprises ate the Russian electric power. From the end of February of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY has gradually started to reduce deliveries of the electric power to joint-stock company Ferrohrom . As the chief has informed is industrial - technical department of the enterprise Vladimir Fursov, to the beginning of May Ferrohrom has stopped, in holiday 3000 workers have been sent. The head a press - Russian Open Society services EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Alexander Markus the termination of deliveries of the electric power on Ferrohrom explains the big debts of the Kazakh metallurgists. However observers are assured: the Russian Open Society action EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY it is possible to consider as the first example of application of force in the prolonged conflict. As acknowledgement to it can serve and that is direct after a stop Ferrohroma the Kazakh authorities under the initiative have renewed negotiations with Russia on chromic to a problem. In particular, sale possibility to the Russian enterprises of actions from a company state block of shares " is discussed; Kazhrom (the Kazakh government posesses 40 % of shares of company).
However, direct participants of the conflict are sceptical about possibility of a complete recovery of volume of export of the Kazakh ore to Russia. Vladimir Fursov in interview has told: Last word here all the same remains for JCC, and it is not going to change yet the former marketing strategy . Representatives most JCC do not make comments on a situation, but any information on changes in its work in edition really did not arrive.
it is curious that the power action of the Russian authorities by the present moment is not too actual even for an affected party. For the past from the beginning chromic crisis time the Russian metallurgists have increased ore purchases in Turkey, and also have actively started formation of own ore base. Extraction of chromic ore have already begun mine Ore (the Perm area) and Verhne - Ufalejsky GOK (the Chelyabinsk area). In the near future working out of Verbljuzhegorsky and Warsaw chromic deposits of the Chelyabinsk area, deposits of Rajis (Jamalo - Nenets joint-stock company) will begin and Alapaevsk (Sverdlovsk area) - stocks of chromic ore there are estimated in 20 million tons. Competitions on the right of working out of deposits hromitovyh ores on Kola peninsula (designed capacity - 800 thousand tons of the enriched ore a year) and in Kareliya (extraction volume - 2 million tons, stocks - 100 million) are declared. In case of success of all these projects the Russian industry completely will provide the requirement for chromic ore. Besides appeal of the Kazakh chrome has a little faded: in February it became known that the Don GOK has developed superficial stocks of chromic ore and has faced necessity of an investment of considerable means for the further working out of a deposit. Thus, even if certain Russian - Kazakh chromic FPG also it will be created, the Russian metallurgists should choose: To invest means in the Kazakh raw materials or nevertheless to reserve them for development of own ore base.