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the big money

is necessary to World hockey When the final siren 60 - go the World championship on ice hockey has sounded, and Czech Republic national team has received the first champion title (before six times were won on tournaments by a command of Czechoslovakia), before the International federation of hockey (IIHF) there was again an old dilemma.

the European admirers of hockey gradually start to understand that North Americans know for a long time already: the World championships are those only under the name. The world championship is traditionally considered in the North America as second-rate competition, and the best players of NHL combat at this time for Stanley`s Cup. It is indicative that in the present championship there were only two reporters from Canada, and journalists from the USA at all were not.
the Championship risks even more to depreciate in comparison with a World Cup coming in August and the Olympic Games - after all both tournaments will involve all best players of the world. Besides it draw of the Cup of the European hockey league and the Supercup is planned. NHL commands, predictably, will take part in these competitions. And players from the strongest teams of the European hockey league cannot play in the World championship. Spectator interest can even more oslabnut after commands - such as Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine - leave the former republics USSR in group A . The Latvian national team next year will replace the Austrian. Many experts foretell that to the Belarus hockey players quite on forces to push out in group B one of the modular countries, strong economically, - France, Italy and Norway.
last year the mistress of the World championship - Sweden - has earned $15 million, and the International federation of hockey at the expense of advertising has received $15 million more profits. Almost all this money has been invested in hockey development. Actually all federations entering in IIHF (51 country), depend on money which receive from carrying out of the championship, numerous sponsors, every possible advertising to support the national teams and to realise new programs of development of hockey in the countries. But even to such hockey countries as Canada and Russia, are now very necessary this money that associations stayed in a normal financial position.
if the command reaches a semi-final, to it is guaranteed $750 000, the first place is estimated in $1 million Even a financial position of the Canadian association of hockey (CHA), game responsible for development in the country, directly depends on national team performance in the world championship. If we have not received a medal, we would get to a difficult situation, - tells the Bean Nicholson, the senior vice-president CHA. - the minimum indicator not worse 5 - 8 - go places was necessary To us to remain in normal position. If we have finished the championship on 9 - 12 - m a place, it would turn back for us next year the big financial hole, and we should cut down seriously expenses on a number of programs. People do not understand that financing of development of hockey all over the world follows the World championship account .
In turn, president IIHF Ren Fazel asserts that the success of tournament does not depend on NHL. But as the increasing quantity of the best players of Europe pass in this league, ever less they take part in the World championships, paternal value of these tournaments decreases.
now IIHF adjusts relations from NHL, the best hockey league of the world. NHL has already created marketing office in Switzerland which, according to its heads, should play an important role in new European league. Now NHL plans that the strongest North American commands will take part in league matches not, and the Supercup becomes the season culmination.
in NHL should understand, how the world championships " are important; - the president of new European hockey league Merrej Kostello has told. In its opinion, World championship carrying out - not that other as possibility to earn the decent sums and to show to spectators the world best teams, but all - taki sometimes without the best players. He is assured that tournaments will be profitable: the World championship - a milk cow for IIHF and in general for hockey development .