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The sentence to the murderer

waits for the Former militiaman execution

Moscow Regional Court has sentenced to the death penalty of the former worker of militia Romana Sulimova accused of three premeditated murders, two robberies and theft. On business also there passed four friends Sulimova rendering to it assistance in fulfilment of two murders and robbery (besides, to it made concealment and nedonesenie about a crime). Their business is sent on supplementary examination.

the Novel of Sulimova already judged twice: in 1987 when it worked in militia, for power excess, and in 1992 - for theft. Both times it has got off with conditional terms. Having left law-enforcement bodies, Sulimov has replaced some places of work, and to the beginning of 1995 was the unemployed.
Sulimov has made the first murder on January, 21st, 1995. That day he drank houses at the friend Sergey Simonov. Simonov lived in Naro - Fominsk area, was engaged in building of cottages and, according to Sulimova, constantly quarrelled with local gangsters. After pjanki Sulimov has killed Simonov, and the corpse has drowned.
in April Sulimov with the acquaintance Galina Poljakovoj and several friends have plundered commercial tent, having killed the saleswoman. Stolen they have spent on drink. Then Sulimov has killed Poljakovu, having decided to get rid of the witness.
in some days it has attacked the driver VAZ - 21043 which has agreed to bring up it, but hijack its car could not - employees of GAI have prevented. However to detain Sulimova it it was not possible. Having disappeared, it has committed a new crime: has stolen at the friend Kudryavtsev a fowling piece with cartridges. Have detained him on May, 9th, 1995 when, having got drunk, it has started to scorch from the stolen gun.
On a consequence and in court Sulimov has declared that Simonov has killed being protected (that ostensibly threatened it with a pistol), Poljakova was the initiator of murder of the saleswoman of tent, and one of its friends has ostensibly suggested to clean Poljakovu.
the court has sentenced Romana Sulimova to an exceptional measure of punishment. Business against its friends is sent on supplementary examination.