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Employees of security firm

Borrowers are condemned forced to fulfil debts

In Novosibirsk process on charge of several employees of security service " has come to the end; the Russian national insurance company in kidnapping. Employees SB were engaged in that by request of banks credits which for any reasons have not been returned in time beat out. On a sentence of court they have received from two till four years of imprisonment. So soft punishment has surprised employees of RUOP who spent detention of the accused.

the Chief of security service has taken care of subordinates
In June, 1993 joint-stock company management the Russian national insurance company ( Rosstrah ) And the chief of service of public safety of Department of Internal Affairs NSO had been co-ordinated and confirmed the security service charter Rosstraha . According to it SB could collect the information on business partners, study the market, protect property of the constituent company, life and health of employees of firm. Licence #0148 from March, 17th, 1993 Rosstrahu the right to insure responsibility of borrowers for nepogashenie credits has been given. After that the joint-stock company began to insure the specified responsibility of the commercial organisations and the firms obtaining monetary credits in various credit institutions of Novosibirsk. A considerable quantity of out of time extinguished bank credits has forced the company within the limits of SB to create operatively - search and investigatory departments which were engaged in search of the borrowers evading from payment of credits, and supervised target use of the means given out by creditors. Receiving from the debtors evading from return of the credit, demanded money resources, employees SB could count on the award at a rate of 5 - 10 % from the sum collected by them.
the chief of security service Rosstraha Valery Belov has decided to provide at once the employees with the weapon. In August, 1993 he has bought three from the chief of a warehouse of one of military units PM with cartridges, 500 trotyl draughts, 500 caps - detonators and 100 metres ogneprovodnogo a cord. Besides, Belov has got 184 cartridges of calibre of 5,45 mm and five cartridges of calibre of 9 mm.

as beat out not returned credits
the First order for work with the debtor, as appears from business materials, has arrived from the Siberian trading bank in the beginning August, 1993. The bank has charged Belovu to find director ICHP the Geyser Medvedev who took the credit in 50 million roubles insured in Rosstrahe . Medvedev soon have found and delivered in office of the insurance company. Belov has informed it that in it have ostensibly become interested in RUOP. Having told that relatives of debtors often get under a tram to Medvedev have suggested to return the credit. He has agreed to sell the motor vehicles UAZ 452, VAZ 2106 and a summer residence. The debtor have got in a weapon room and have closed on the lock - credit repayment was a condition of its clearing.
two weeks Medvedev was held in custody. He was visited by relatives. They thought that actions of security guards are absolutely lawful. When cars and a summer residence have been renewed, Medvedev have released, having obliged to come every morning to office SB Rosstraha . For full repayment of debts it has opened new firm - ICHP Asia - Transit - the Auction - service - and by means of Belova under the fictitious contract on coffee purchase has obtained in the Siberian building bank the credit at a rate of 100 million roubles. After that 85 million roubles have been listed at once on the settlement account Rosstraha and to Medvedev have soon returned UAZ and a summer residence.
director ICHP " became the second victims; University Schukin who in May, 1993 has received two credits for a total sum of 100 million roubles in Ladabanke. In November, having learnt from employees of bank that credits are not extinguished, Belov has charged to the employees to find for Schukin and to deliver it in the apartment bought by security service specially for the maintenance of debtors. On November, 19th, approaching to the door the apartment, Schukin has seen two men who talked on a ladder platform to his wife. It having presented by workers Rosstraha they have invited him to street to talk. There Schukin have jostled in the car, have put on handcuffs, have blindfolded a scarf and have taken away. In apartment it have searched, have withdrawn gas pistol Agent - 35 and have fastened handcuffs to a heating pipe. At last on November, 22nd the businessman delivered in office SB. There Belov has suggested it to create new firm, to obtain the credit and to pay off with bank. Schukin has agreed. When it has returned the credit, it have released.
to Understand with the director of Open Company Zest Zaharovym intervention of relatives which have addressed for the help in militia has prevented. In June, 1993 Zaharov has obtained in the Siberian trading bank the credit in 30 million roubles, but in time money has not returned. In the morning on December, 14th employees SB Rosstraha have arrived to Zaharovu home. He has told native that will return in some hours. Next day mother and wife Zaharova began to search for it. The person on duty Rosstraha has informed that in premises of the insurance company of the businessman is not present. Acquaintances also did not know about its site. Then mother of the stolen has written the application for loss of the son in Railway ROVD. Together with police officer Sharapov it has met with Clean which has assured it that Zaharova have released still the day before. After a meeting with militiaman Belov has called in on apartment where held the debtor, has brought it to the centre of Novosibirsk and has released.
during the same time the security service was engaged in director ICHP the Trust Buchnevym. In August, 1993 he has obtained in Novosibirskprofbanke the credit at a rate of 25 million roubles. Belov has caused to itself Buchneva for the decision of a question on credit return, but that has refused to speak on this theme. Then three subordinated Belova have arrived to a house court yard on the Red prospectus where Buchnev lived. Having filled a trotyl draught, they have broken a hammer a window in to Volga GAS - 3102, belonging to Buchnevu, have thrown there a bomb and have left.

last order
Further Belov and its colleagues were engaged in director ICHP Vaal Alexander Sjasko who has not extinguished taken in September in Ladabanke the credit for 152 million roubles. Having considered the documents given by bank, Belov has come to a conclusion that Sjasko, obtaining the credit, in advance knew that cannot return money. Belov has laid down to the debtor a condition - or documents will be transferred in militia, or Sjasko remains in Rosstrahe also will work on credit return. Sjasko has agreed. Foodstuff to it was brought by brother Vladimir. Subsequently brothers have agreed with Clean that it has left Vladimir Sjasko the hostage, and Alexander together with employee SB has sent in Alma - Atu behind money (the credit there has been listed). On January, 11th, 1994 Vladimir has voluntary replaced the brother. Next day it have transported in apartment. Sometimes allowed to communicate with relatives by phone. On January, 26th employee SB has returned from Alma - Aty one and has informed that Sjasko while has not found money, but has promised soon to solve this question.
but the question and has not had time to dare. On February, 9th premises Rosstraha employees SOBR took storm. Preliminary they have received the information that at office of the insurance company there can be hostages. In the course of a search field investigators of local RUOP have found out another`s documents, forms of certificates of workers of militia, the receipt on a voluntary finding in the companies, explosives, the weapon and cartridges and militian odds. Vladimir Sjasko has been released.
investigation lasted more than two years. As a result five former employees SB nevertheless have been recognised by guilty of extortion. Belov has received four years of imprisonment, to its subordinates have given smaller terms - to a two for three year, a two more have sentenced to two years and two years and six months with a delay of execution of a sentence for two years. Representatives of RUOP, engaged in this business, in conversation with have passed an opinion bewilderment of such insignificant punishment.