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The citizen of Malta have shot in Moscow

Yesterday in the morning in municipal district Lomonosovsky on Jugo - the West of Moscow at a house entrance #4 in the street by Krupsky five shots from a pistol of Makarova has been killed 42 - the summer president of Joint-Stock Company Petrokor Said Ibragimov. Criminals have disappeared from a scene on the car. To detain them without delay it was not possible. Militiamen have established that the killed had a dual citizenship - Russia and Malta.

Joint-Stock Company Petrokor it is registered on May, 23rd, 1994 in capital of Karjaksky autonomous region Palana. It have founded the navigable company Sadko fund of development of a science and fishery of Karjaksky joint-stock company and KUGI administrations of Karjaksky joint-stock company. Petrokor is engaged in maintenance of the enterprises of district with oil products, passenger transportations, service of courts and extraction, processing and transportation of oil products. Owns the fishery vessel and has a quota on vylov a pollack.

Ibragimov has arrived to Moscow from Palana some days ago on affairs headed by it Joint-Stock Company Petrokor . On Tuesday morning the businessman left apartment of the acquaintance (at which it has stopped in Moscow), has gone down on the ground floor and has gone to an entrance door. Unexpectedly behind his back there were two young men one of which has shot to Ibragimovu at a back, and then four times in a head. From a scene criminals have disappeared on the car VAZ 2108.
Driver Ibragimova some time waited for the chief about the house, then, having disturbed by its long absence, has decided to rise in apartment. At an entrance he has found out a corpse of the businessman lying in a pool of blood.
the militiamen who have arrived on a scene have found about a corpse five streljanyh sleeves from a pistol of calibre of 9 mm. After a while in the next street in the garbage container has been found out PM with the muffler.
Now law enforcement officers check business contacts of Ibragimova. Militiamen consider that the businessman have killed by request.