Rus News Journal

Russian - the British scandal

Espionage passions in Moscow and London

- In the beginning 20 - h years CHK has shot spy Uoltera Rejli.
- In 30 - h years was especially popular to find English spies . However, Lavrenty Berija in 1953 too has appeared the English spy.
- in days of war in the British territory five spies enlisted by Moscow - well-known " operated; the Cambridge five . Its exposure in 1951 - has caused 1953 the most painful reaction of Foggy Albion, after all all five were representatives znatnejshih surnames of England.
- in 1971 official London has accused of espionage and has sent 105 Soviet citizens. From Moscow 18 citizens of Britain have left home.
- 1981 - 1985 - the period of relative calm: Moscow and London exchanged one - two spies in a year.
- In 1985 has occurred two large exchanges, begun at the initiative of Great Britain: at first 25 on 25, then 6 on 6.
- In 1989 - 11 on 11 (London was the initiator again).
- 1995 - it is wide razdutyj the British press scandal with dispatch of the staff reporter Ostankino in London Alexander Malikova.
- the Beginning of 1996 - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia declared the persona non grata the assistant to the military embassy secretary of Great Britain to businessman Nigel Shakespeare.