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Joint-stock company meeting “ novosibirskenergo “

Chronology of conflicts round actions “ novosibirskenergo “

May, 1993. On the foreground of privatisation 49 - a percentage state block of shares of actions “ novosibirskenergo “ passes the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “.
November, 1993. Under the order of administration of the Novosibirsk region of actions of 30 % from a state block of shares the area, at the Russian Open Society " carry over; EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY “ there are 19 % of actions.
December, 1993. The committee on management of property of the Novosibirsk region confirms changes in the plan of privatisation of the enterprise.
December, 1994. The first issue is finished.
on April, 12th, 1995 the court has nullified the administration order; the Russian Open Society “ EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY “ 30 % of actions are returned.
the decision on release of the second issue in volume 13,9 mlrd roubles on April, 24th, 1995 is accepted.
June, 1995. The administration of the region has returned to itself disputable 30 - a percentage package.
the second issue of actions on June, 15th, 1995 has begun.
January, 1996. The compromise was outlined in the conflict of administration and the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ round a state block of shares “ novosibirskenergo “.
on April, 22nd, 1996 the court has cancelled the decision of meeting of shareholders on authorised capital stock increase.