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Russian - the British scandal

Service of the British investigation and counterspionage (MI - 5 and MI - 6)

Divisions MI - 5 and MI - 6 supplement, and sometimes and duplicate each other. Problem MI - 6 - investigation abroad. A staff - the apartment is located in London about Vokshol Cross-country, 64. Under not confirmed data, head MI - 6 is David Spedding. It is supposed that in scandals round deliveries by companies Ordtech and Matrix Churchill the weapon to Iraq (before war in Persian gulf) has taken a hand and MI - 6. According to Der Spiegel, the first secretary of the British embassy in Berlin Rozmari Sharp also was employee MI - 6. Suspect that it delivered MI - 6 information on the Russian arms which received from investigation of Germany. Now it under a consequence on charge in corruption. Under the statement of the Russian special services, priorities MI - 6 practically have not changed with 80 - h years: VPK, army, the governmental structures. MI - 6 contacts with Russian SVR (within the limits of contacts of special services the big seven ) Carrying out information interchange concerning the international terrorism, narcobusiness, distribution of weapons of mass destruction, brain drains . According to a British press, on MI - 6 billionaire Robert Maksvell worked.
Traditional sphere of work MI - 5 - struggle against any threat national safety . But concept national safety constantly was exposed to revaluation: after cold war, for example, MI - 5 actively was engaged in antiterrorist activity. Nowadays MI - 5 it is occupied by data gathering in the area traditionally under control to police, - drug traffic and the organised crime. Recently even say that MI - 5 turns to the structure similar to FBI in the USA. The staff - apartment MI - 5 is in London on quay Millbank. Till April, 15th head MI - 5 was Stella Remington. Its successor became 48 - the summer Stephen Lender working in MI - 5 since 1975. It was two years employee MI - 6, worked in department of the Near East and the North Africa. Also managed sector T engaged in antiterrorist struggle, and in 1994 - 1996 was the director of department of strategic planning.
the general budget of security services of Great Britain (besides MI - 5 and MI - 6, there enters GCHQ) makes 800 million pounds sterling.
more recently MI - 5 together with the parliamentary commission on investigation has prepared two reports where affirmed that Russia strengthens reconnaissance activity against Great Britain. In report MI - 5, in particular, it is said that though level the Russian threat any more that but espionage proceeds : SVR and GRU undertake efforts on introduction of the employees in London .