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Vyacheslav Ivankova`s business

the Russian intellectual has surprised the American public prosecutor

In New York once again process over the most influential Russian thief in the law Vyacheslav Ivankovym (JAponchikom) is postponed. And six it podelnikam to Sergey Ilgneru, Leonid Abelisu, Yury Gladunu, Jacob Volovniku, Valery Novak and Vladimir Topko attempt of extortion of $3,5 million at owners of American firm Summit International of Vladimir Voloshin and Alexander Volkova (watches this business since June of last year) is incriminated to it. This time the court is postponed because employees of FBI translate into English Rustama Sadykov`s interrogated in Moscow in the end of April testimony for the defence.

Absence in business of indications of the former deputy chief of share department Chara - Sadykov`s bank Rustama which, according to FBI, has ordered Ivankovu to receive with Volkova and Voloshin of $3,5 million, belonging to bank, detained court within several months. To go to the USA where accusation in extortion has been in absentia brought to it, Sadykov did not want, being afraid of arrest. Therefore in the end of April lawyers of Ivankova and Topko, public prosecutor Benton Campbell and arresting Abelisa the employee of FBI Michael Makkoll have arrived to Moscow. Americans interrogated Sadykov before a videocamera some days in the presence of employees of Investigatory committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In total interrogations have occupied 12 hours. After their termination Sadykov has declared to the correspondent: Americans were surprised, having seen me. They thought that I the gangster, and I am an intelligent person, the candidate of science . He also has noted a correctness and restraint in behaviour of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Having returned, employees of FBI have started transfer of videorecording which with simultaneous interpretation will be presented jurymen. Sadykov has shown that it did not order Japonchiku to beat out money with Volkova and Voloshin. Therefore its lawyers hope that its indications will help them to prove innocence of Ivankova and it podelnikov. By the way, five already left them on freedom on the security. Abelis has given the consent to co-operate with the investigation, and its indications are a trump for representatives of charge on the process which beginning is postponed till May, 20th. Will watch its course.