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Seasonal auctions of books reduce the prices and change specificity

the catalogue " Was published; Spring auction of books spent by firm the Action . At present auction - the tenth some changes of its main principles became appreciable by the account for three years-. At level of pricing it was expressed in obvious, though and not so strong, as at other book auctions, understating of the starting prices. At level of selection of prizes - in partial change of priorities.

On previous seasonal auctions the basic attention was given to the books connected with Russian avant-guard. Not casually and on a cover of each of catalogues the illustration reproducing a top was taken out - an auction prize, and each time it there was an illustration from any vanguard edition. In this sense did not become an exception and the forthcoming auctions. On a catalogue cover one of the most known Russian futuristic books - " is reproduced; the Tango with cows Vasily Kamensky (drawings of brothers Burljukov). This poetic collection has been printed in the spirit of a futuristic aesthetics on the back bright colour wall-paper, and at a set was used to fifty various fonts. a tango with cows there were in 1914 in circulation only three hundred copies and it has appeared remote for collectors in some years after the edition. For today it is one of the most rare and expensive books of Russian futurism. Its estimation at auction has made 8 million rbl.
Vanguard section is not limited to this edition. On the auctions two books of died talented writer Elena Guro (" will be early exposed; the Street organ and Heavenly verbljuzhata ) My magazine the same Kamensk (unique number of this amusing periodical left in 1922), rare collections Letorej and the Miracle in desert a number of the books illustrated Lisitsky, by Telengaterom and Rodchenko. However shock there was nevertheless other section of auction: the books already hundred years ago designated in antiquarian catalogues pometoj the greatest rarity and last decades and not so not meeting in antiquarian trade. It is a question of a collection of Russian editions of a XVIII-th century. These true rarities have remained in the smallest number of copies, therefore rather infrequently come across in the modern antiquarian market.
all these circumstances force to show consideration to stringu XVIII centuries in meeting Spring auction . Among its top - prizes - complete sets of magazines Parnassky shchepetilnik 1770 and the Hardworking ant 1771 (on 5 million rbl. everyone), the Masonic composition of 1784 forbidden and destroyed by the authorities Gemma magica, or the Magic jewel (1,2 million). An extreme rarity shows the Physical description of Taurian area 1785 - the first geographical description of Crimea (an estimation - 3 million). Copies " are so rare in collections; Peshehodtsa Vasily Grigorovich - Lordly - Plaki - Albova travel to Holy sites... . This edition which has been let out in old believe printing house of the city of Klintsy in 1784, will be exposed on the auctions for 3,5 million rbl.
a lot of the interesting will find admirers of a theme of collecting popular nowadays - books about Moscow. On Spring auction the first edition of classical work of Ivan Zabelin " will be sold; City history of Moscow (300 thousand rbl.) The rare the Historical and topographical description of cities of the Moscow province Haritona Tchebotaryov 1787 (1,5 million). Fans of lifetime editions of Russian writers - other type of a collecting actively formed now - should pay attention to the first collection of verses of Feodor Tyutchev of 1854. At auction the copy which has kept vladelcheskie signs of Valery Bryusov (an estimation - 3 million rbl.) is presented . Stops on itself attention one more book from the category of traditional Russian rarities. It the Pocket dictionary of the foreign words which were a part of Russian published in 1845. Behind the neutral name interpretation of political and economic terms unambiguously opposite to an existing system in the spirit of the French socialists - utopians disappeared. Arrest has been put circulation, and the majority of copies of the dictionary has been destroyed. The dictionary became the proof in business of a circle of Butashevicha - Petrashevsky (on this business also Dostoevsky, in particular, has been condemned). The edition Tentative estimation - 2 million rbl. In small stringe autographs the most interesting prize will be Marina Tsvetaeva`s including a hand-written variant of a poem " the donative inscription; That to me to do, to the blind man and the stepson... . In 5 million rbl. this is estimated unique remained inskript the poems which text was printed till now only under the late publication.


Auction will take place on May, 26th in the Central house of the physician (Herzen`s street, 19). The preauction exhibition will pass 23 - go, 24 - go and on May, 25th indoors antikvarno - a second-hand bench the Action (Herzen`s street, 21/ 18). Phone for inquiries: 291 - 75 - 09.