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Cup of the European champions on football

Juventus follows in the tracks the Ajax

on May, 22nd at the Olympic stadium of Rome will take place 41 - j under the account the ending of the most prestigious European club tournament - the Cup of champions. In the field will meet the present owner of a cup Amsterdam the Ajax and Turin Juventus . According to experts, the favourite of a match - the Dutch club, but presence of tens thousand Italian football fan at stadium can influence a match course, and is possible, and to play a pivotal role in dispute for a cup.

the Track record the Ajax commands 1900 year of birth, it is impressive. The command 4 times won the Cup of champions, twice the Supercup, won the Cup of cups, Cup UEFA and twice in the Intercontinental cup. In the homeland the Ajax 26 times became the champion of the country, 9 times took the Cup of Holland, 4 times - the Supercup of this country. Now the Ajax perhaps, unique club in the world which wins thanks to productive and effective work of school of preparation.
the club not bad earns on sale of players. Young football players the Ajax highly are quoted in the world football market, and them frequently sell - under condition of the good contract. Sale of players - important for the Ajax a source of incomes. Other channel - receipts of sponsors. The general sponsor of club at present is concern ABN AMRO.
Itself the Ajax buys legionaries in the countries where the price for football players is not too high, and then leads up players to the necessary standard. Now, for example, in a command Nigerians of Nvanko to Caen and George Finidi, Finn Jari Litmanen play - and play perfectly well. The trainer the Ajax 44 - summer Luis van Gaal, - the enthusiast of attacking football, and its command always plays with three attacking. Now the club has excellent masters of attack and if it was required, van Gaal could expose not one three of an attack, and even two or three, as in hockey.
the brightest players - to Finidi and Caen, 19 - the summer pupil of club Patrick Kljujvert who has hammered in a last year`s final of the Cup of champions the only goal in gate Milan both Mark Overmars. It and Jari Litmanen - on its account eight balls, and it the best bombardir present draw. In protection the Ajax Frank de a Drill often connected to attack and possessing very strong blow is allocated. Goalkeeper Edvin van Der Saar is very reliable. But Kljujvert, Overmars and Frank de the Drill are injured, and one more talented defender - Mikael Rajtsiger - is disqualified. And though in a stock Dutches have capable football players, for van Gaalja is very big losses.
Juventus (Turin) is based in 1897. He won superiority of Italy 23 times, the Cup of Italy - 8 times. The owner of the Cup of champions and the Cup of cups, won Cup UEFA, one time - the Supercup of Europe and the Intercontinental cup twice. Juventus first-ever began to possess all possible international football cups.
it is safely possible to name the period of blossoming of club the seventieth - the beginning of the eightieth years, in particular that time when the wheel had Giovanni Trapattoni (it has come in 1976). Under the direction of this trainer Juventus six times became the champion and won a country cup twice, won the Cup of champions, the Cup of cups, Cup UEFA, the Intercontinental cup and the Supercup of Europe. Any trainer in the world did not achieve such unique achievement. In 1982 when Italy in the third time has won the World championship, as a part of a national team was seven pupils of Trapattoni.
Juventus the first of football clubs has entered into practice purchase of foreign players. In 1928 he for 100 000 lyres (then it there was enough great sum) has bought left attacking Argentina national team and club Independente (Buenos - Ajres) Rajmundo Orsi which have caused a stir on the Olympic Games of 1928 in Amsterdam. The president JUve then there was Eduardo Anelli (the owner of club family Anelli owning automobile concern FIAT) is, and he, without hesitation, has presented to the legionary car FIAT - 509. There were cases, when selectors Juventus on cheap stuff bought players who brought subsequently to club considerable glory. Michel Platini has been got at Sent - Etenna in 1982 of all for 600 million lyres. At that moment of Platini was already known football player, but a management JUve convinced Frenchmen that they sell the goods not most quality. Italians bargained to the victorious end have brought down the price. However, such it was possible no means always. For Pole Zbigneva Boneka Paolo Rossi managers " was necessary to pay 3 mlrd lyres, and the hero of the World championship of 1982; JUve have managed to get for 2 billion
However, last two years Juventus on stars it is not spent, following on the way the Ajax . The economy was entered by the new president of club Umberto Anelli, the younger brother of the owner JUve Dzhanni Anelli. It has not increased the club budget, having left its former - nearby 100 mlrd lyres a year. In a season of Anelli before last has invited the new trainer of the highest category - Marcello Lippi training the Italian clubs since 1980. During the first season in club in 1995 he has managed to result Juventus To a victory in the championship of Italy also became the favourite of the Turin fans. Lippi together with the president of club has developed the new program which provides reduction of expenses on purchase of expensive players, placing emphasis on preparation in youth teams JUve own stars. It has caused leaving last year Roberto Badzho in Milan . The club management has reduced to it the salary to third, motivating the step with the new program. Badzho, much made for Juventus has considered that costs the former salary. Lippi has commented on leaving of Badzho so: Last season in a command it acted badly, has passed many games and though it has made for club much, we have left it without a regret .
There is one more reason about which did not begin to speak Lippi, - in structure JUve there is a player who has taken a place of the left leader, and further can and surpass it. His name of Alessandro del Pero. For a rising star from club Padova by summer of 1994 it has been paid 6 mlrd lyres. On level of game this 21 - the summer attacking halfback one of the best in Europe. In a forthcoming match in many respects the success will depend on its game Juventus . To fans and experts its six goals in League which it hammered from penalty kicks were remembered, directing a ball to the top left gate corner of the contender. Comparing it to Badzho, experts mark not only ability to punch penal, jet speed, magnificent dribbling, but also organising abilities and ability to combat on any site weeding until the last minute. Unlike van Gaalja, at Lippi is not present problems with structure - all players of club are healthy and ready to leave on Wednesday in the field of the Olympic stadium.