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On that party

Spring games in a city of miracles

the Spring in Paris has gained in strength and passes at summer. The most romantic and thoughtless season in the most romantic and thoughtless city - fireworks of fine trifles and insignificant miracles. Parisians and Parisians have remembered that on light there are balls and hats - on that and spring.

the Queen of hats of Mari Merse, the worthy successor of great madam Polett, on the display at Frank and the son organised by means of Phillip de Bovuar, has managed to recreate at the big congestion of the people intimately - boudoir style, lovely to heart of the gathered dandies and women of fashion. Mad shljapnik from Alisy in the country of miracles would be glad to violence of imagination of madam Merse improvising on a theme Robinzona Crusoe using subsidiary means from industrially - plastic to tropicheski - vegetative. Tiny tablets and huge cocked hats, caps and konfederatki, a kepi and bolivars, and even simply unimaginable islands from leaves, feathers and the colours, set up on ladies` heads - brave both extravagant. And all economic and political disorders, depression in scales of the nation and ipohondricheskaja fear of unknown illnesses in a moment recede before spring madness.
as to balls, this rushing in centuries in rate of a waltz the tradition has renewed in rather amusing modern interpretation. Ball on Thursdays which spends each first Thursday of month Homero Makri in salon Leduaen, became now to one of modnejshih events of high life of Paris. Amazingly, but the mistress of ball of Dzhordzhina Brandolini d ` Adda was not in a habitual evening dress, and in black brjuchnom a suit. Incomparable Diana de Bovo Kraon which have suddenly arisen before all in striped stockings, a short azure jacket and with a vinyl beach bag of colour of strawberry ice-cream became a star of evening. Probably, all it not especially reminded the first ball of our great-great-grandmother, but dear public with might and main has had fun.
crowned persons fly now not only on balls, and not only haute couture art forces to tremble in excitement the most august hearts. Evening - gala at School of fine arts as the owner on which Frederik Mitterand has acted, and handed over prizes the president of firm of sparkling wines Pere Pierre Ernest, has collected among spectators among other celebrities Elena Jugoslavsky, in a paroxysm of parent anxiety, and Vencheslasa Lihtenshtejnsky, having fun thoughtlessly and carelessly unanimously with the Georgian prince Nicolas Dadeshkeliani, and also Pierre de Sen - Sir anxious by problems of design of ashtrays. Gifts from hands of the sparkling magnate have accepted Jose - Luis de Villalonga - the award for the literature, Zherar Garust - the award for painting, Bernard Luazo - the first prize in the field of cookery, Erve Lezhe (Linda Evangelisty, Sindi Crawford, Elizabeth Harli`s personal couturier) - the award for achievements in the field of a fashion, Carolina Siol - the theatrical award. By the best sculptor Sezar which have was accompanied by the young fine muse of Sofi Buzitil has been recognised. All spoke about art, persons of ladies shone with the spiritualised and thin charm, grey hairs of aged men were very noble, however, hardly only prizes have been handed over, visitors all crowd, on the move pushing each other, have directed in a lobby where to everyone the individual bottle of champagne - firm Pere gift relied; and some members of noble meeting shamelessly occupied turn two times, as in what a charm of all opening days, if not in gratuitous champagne, especially if it Pere ?
The tribute to playful spring mood was given also by the press - if talents of madam Merse please Madman Shljapnika, last April adventure of magazine the Bet - the Match would deliver weight of pleasure to its friend to the March Hare. The magazine has taken up duties of the procuress in superstar scale, having made some ideal pairs from among the most famous bachelors and holostjachek our time. By a principle weddings of a century forty-year prescription - Kelly`s marriage union Grejs and prince Rene which were acquainted by the reporter the Bet - the Match Pierre Galant, magazine by means of imagination and the computer has appointed modern steams which are capable to accept sentimental relay race. First of all careful journalists have attached the son of prince Rene and Grejs Kelly Albert: knowing about its sympathy for blond Americans, in the bride to it have allocated the most well-known blond American - Sharon Stone. To both of 38 years, between them only four days of a difference - horoscopes speak, it is pledge of successful marriage. The second ideal pair except obligatory criterion of a celebrity was under construction first of all proceeding from criterion of growth: to the successor of the Spanish throne Phillip, the person, high in every respect - 1 96 sm - the most beautiful girl in the world - German a top - model of Klaudia Shiffer (1 80 sm) has been married off. the Bet - a match assures that the king - the father has nothing against this marriage. The third pair - Mazarina Mitterand and John Kennedy - though is noted by royal blood or actor`s glory, but on popularity does not concede previous, and in political value of both surnames even surpasses them. This marriage too is conceived not simply so: ancestors Jacqueline Kennedy it come from France, and Mazarina obviously shows interest to a New World. Thus, journalists are able not only to destroy marriages by slander and cynicism, but also to arrange, confirming thus the old thesis that princesses are not born - princesses become. Especially in the spring when each woman is not present - is not present and feels the queen.