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Jehu too are able to think

Davnym - for a long time the ship doctor, and then and captain Lemjuel Gulliver has met very unpleasant beings outwardly resembling people, but on the mental faculties to considerably conceding representatives of a human race. Beings were called jehu . On - anglijski - yahoo. But virtual jehu are able to think.

Such word calls my favourite service of search in global computer network Internet. And it is not simple yahoo, and Yahoo! For this purpose, who is engaged in network surfing (as its white representatives) or network kruizingom (so prefer to speak black anglojazychniki) speak in the English-speaking world and in general swarms up a network (as speak in Russia), service Yahoo! It is absolutely necessary. Especially for beginners. It is simply necessary as a life buoy floating in information ocean.
we Will assume that you want to find in Internet something, but do not know, where it lies. Here - that also is required search service (sometimes named the search motor - search engine). You limit the search by scope of application, then type a required word or a combination of words, and further on your computer the data about servers where the information interesting you can be stored arrives.
in general - that search motors in Internet a little, everyone with the distinctive features. Except Yahoo! There are Alta Vista, Web Crawler, Lycos, Inktomi, Open Text, and also less known services. But I, as the person a little bit conservative, consider that hours should be Swiss, beer - Irish and Czech, in the computer there should be microprocessor Intel (as it is known, inside), and the search service is Yahoo! However, for the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that sometimes it is possible to find in other services what in Yahoo! No, and sometimes search needs to be conducted a difficult way.
search process occurs so. We key http:// www. yahoo. com also we incorporate to the server. We choose an information category further: history, business, a policy, sports, the governments, culture, entertainments, public health services, a science, computers, news. In each category there are smaller divisions. And further - keywords.
for example, a keyword the Businessman (it is the newspaper such). In section Newspapers on regions it why - that was not. There there is even a mention of electronic versions though no any Russian edition. Two newspapers on Estonian are, three Ukrainian server, extending in electronic form Russian-speaking newspapers. Network editions of such countries as El Salvador, Shri - Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago too are present. And Russian anything is not present. Probably, by rare accident in company Yahoo! Any person for whom Pushkin and Lermontov`s language is native does not work. Here such drop of tar was found out by me in electronic honey of the most popular service of search.
then I have typed simply a word Kommersant without any restrictions. Also has learnt that it meets on open spaces of computer network Internet of exactly 1349 times. Having cast away references of the western mass-media to the information from this newspaper, and also Odessa Kommersant juga and Minsk Kommersant Belarusi, I remained with the data that in Internet exist demonstration pages newspapers - daily and a weekly journal - weekly . Their network addresses: http:// www. securities. com/ Public/ 95mar/ drsample/ kommersant/. To it it is necessary to add still daily/ daily. html or weekly/ weekly. html (to taste). However, network versions not so are good in comparison with competitors, as paper. For example, they completely text, unique drawing is the favourite symbol of inhabitants of the former USSR - $. Other drawings, schedules and photos are not present. And if it is fair, over electronic Kommersant it is necessary to work, work and work still to result in a decent kind. And we work. It was advertising which, by the way, in our network versions too is not present.
I have decided to go further and to learn that is known to a global computer network about my friend and the colleague by name of Alexey Alekseev. Yahoo! Has answered that anything. Other services of search - Alta Vista, Web Crawler, Lycos, Inktomi - have appeared with it are solidary. And only the search motor Open Text has informed that in Internet words standing nearby Alexey and Alexeys there are seven times. At check it was found out that a certain lovely American advises to listen all CD of the Russian symphonic orchestra in which play Alexander Alekseev and Alexey Tcherkasov. Other six mentions concern materials of the network teleconference devoted to culture of Tuva. All six times one of participants of conference advises to another to listen to the Tuva folk music executed by Alexey Saajja and Zoe Alekseev (as it is known, in English language the concept of a grammatical gender is absent).
in general, you probably, have understood that jehu know yet all. However, I set difficult enough and exotic problems. And if to ask them something is easier, for example the network address of company Levi Strauss or club of admirers of group Take That with it they consult without effort. And if to print words fairy - tale (fairy tale) and dragon (dragon), search service will find in a few minutes to you a heap of texts which can be told to the child before a dream.
EL - Casey

In a photo: this young man call Dzherri Young. It one of company Yahoo founders! Last month the initial offer of actions of its company at stock exchange has led to growth of their course cost on 154 % for the first day of the auctions that became a record of 1996