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the Most prestigious club of Moscow promised to be omnivorous

Long holidays two our Saturdays have absorbed, and we stay now with a heap of materials and photos for, has clearly put, high life boiled this hot May and foamed. This long secular running - after all last time we met already in the end of April - has opened birthday g - on Zhirinovsky in a hall Russia has proceeded on Big Nikitsky where smart shop Guy Laroche has opened, and there has gone - has gone: magazine presentation Darin in night club Rojal announcement by the British council of the list of applicants for the award of this year in Library of the foreign literature, Andrey Bartenev`s juicy opening day in gallery the Arena solemn descent to steamship water Valaam in St.-Petersburg, the journalistic action in club the Reporter An exhibition in TSDH with the subsequent buffet table in club Bulgakov reception in the American embassy, birthday of the mistress of gallery And - 3 ... And - two most secular events of flowed away time: musical salon in the Oriental carpet - hotel and opening of English club revived in Moscow.

G - n Zhirinovsky in quality jubiljara already was, speaking on - severjaninski, is many-sided obekranen. That it is no wonder - on either side of a huge hall Russia where passed a celebration, special tribunes for the press, bristled up have been built by objectives. However, left the flight of relatives jubiljara led by spouse Galina partly occupied. Though, to tell the truth, from the point of view of the society columnist there was especially nothing to remove. Any known person neither in a hall, nor in foyer, on a scene it was visible not. Without considering, of course, the originator - in a scarlet service jacket, in silk black trousers, in crocodile leather boots. All was similar to a mayovka of kind communistic times: an official part with slavoslovijami, a concert, buffet and dances in foyer. However, action of this sort also should not resemble delivery ceremony Oscars - here a policy, misters. And a money, certainly...
the Shop on Nikitsky from within also is outside similar more likely not the Viennese cafe, than to a boutique. However, Guy Laroche so known firm that presumes also a premise in the old house in modernist style in the centre (shop is obliquely from Conservatory), and a stucco moulding on ceilings, and a magnificent chandelier about which the owner of an institution has told to us that was engaged in its restoration the inspector of a chandelier of the Bolshoi theatre - is, it appears, and such post. On presentation familiar faces - mainly from the world of a fashion and show - business flashed: from Slavy Zajtseva to Stasa Namina.
Now we will for a short while be transferred to St.-Petersburg. Here in the presence of the mayor the Russian bank of reconstruction and the development, having the Moscow residence permit, in solemn and ceremonious conditions has transferred in gift of the Valaam monastery the steam-ship which and named - Valaam . Deputy Spaso - the Preobrazhenskiy Valaam monastery archimandrite Pankraty has served solemn moleben, and metropolitan Sankt - Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir has consecrated a vessel. Then and the turn has reached secular orators: Anatoly Sobchak and the president of the Moscow bank Michael Shelkov have said short spichi. After a sacred music concert here the buffet table on which were both ecclesiastics, and numerous officials from a city administration, afloat, has taken place.
strangely enough, but so has grandly passed also quite secular action - presentation of the new illustrated magazine Darin favourably different from other similar editions which grew last years as mushrooms. Anyway magazine that a rarity, it is possible not only to examine with amazement, but also with interest to read, especially on a summer residence, without hurrying up that is rather actual if to mean the come season. There is no saying, on what the friendship of magazine and a casino " is based; Rojal but the presentation passed here. Except employees of magazine there was also variety of visitors from friendly editions from TV, from the Megacity the General newspaper and, certainly, from, and also authors of magazine.
two words about an exhibition in TSDH - it has been devoted memory of artist George Krutinsky, and also memory of gallery Art Modern, one of the private galleries first in Moscow, cleared the way for all present so roughly blossoming galerejnomu to business. Artist Alexey Begak to whom one of halls has been taken away entirely, suited after an opening day a buffet table in recently opened club Bulgakov in a cellar of that house where settles down well-known Bad apartment . Club, it is necessary to note, it has turned out quite cosy, and representatives of art bohemia not bad there have sat. However, in ten the disco has begun and so deafening music was distributed what sustain it teenagers could only.
but the greatest quantity of the people belonging that is called, status bohemia, it was possible to see on the big reception given by the ambassador of the USA g - m Pikeringom and his wife in their residence in Spaso - the Peskovsky lane, in Spaso - the House as long since are called this magnificent private residence in diplomatic circles of Moscow. Reception has been arranged on the occasion of a silk-screen printing exhibition the Moscow studio working under the contract with Americans. Here it was possible to see artist Boris Messerera, poets Andrey Voznesensky, Tatyana ShCherbinu, Dmitry Prigov, Vladimir Salimona, writers Victor Yerofeev and Evgenie Popova, galerista Marata Gelman, critics Natalia Semenovu and Leonid Bazhanov and still set of familiar faces. Were certainly both diplomats, and officials of Minkulta. But listed above first of all occupied the open verandah leaving on an exemplary English lawn and beds with tulips and irises where, toiling from the closeness, the most proof were sipped by temples and gin - tonic, more careful - kampari with ice.
but as it has been already told in a preamble, as always in sense of good breeding and brilliant selection of visitors the musical salon in " has caused a stir; the Oriental carpet - hotel . This time it was organised by Spivakov`s International fund with support Sojuzkontrakta . Vladimir Spivakov, and its quartet was the owner of evening and gave a concert. From officials there was Minister for Foreign Affairs Evgenie Primakov, the first deputy of the Minister of Defence Andrey Kokoshin, a member of the State Duma Irina Khakamada and Sergey Krasavchenko, the first deputy of the head of the Office of the President. But, as well as on last salon, the central figure was, of course, Naina Yeltsin, devoted to this action of more than three hours. From representatives of the world of art there were Svjatoslav Belza, Zinovy Gerdt, Lyudmila Kasatkin, Igor Moiseyev. As a whole it is possible to tell that a circle of visitors the Oriental carpet has settled that from salon and it is required. As well as the report: visitors treat to champagne, giving the chance to communicate prior to the beginning of the program. Then, after a concert, the magnificent buffet table with remarkable firm cakes follows. G - n Spivakov in a part of the host was charming, as well as his wife. And the buffet table has turned out long, and even the first lady was late this time to ten. Whereas last visitors left hotel more close by midnight.
the Idea of revival of tradition of English club in Moscow, opened in 1802 and existing up to 1917 - go, for a long time soared in air. And here this week in business centre Trading - industrial chamber formal opening of Ekzekjutiv of Club Moscow which organizers designate in English successors has taken place. All has been arranged in a big way and solemnly spent. One press - release of that costs: under smart velenevoj a cover - the whole pack of documents from the charter of club and structure to the description of its symbolics, the inquiry of the British council on that, properly to interpret name (executive - exclusive), historical inquiry and etc. Besides important ranks of the Russian business in members have got also some representatives of media and culture: Artem Borovik, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Eldar Ryazanov, Vladimir Vinokur, Alexander Shirvindt. It is possible to explain this a little strange set of names to that the company stole up on acquaintance: Well, there, summer residences nearby, the general stomatologist or the car mechanician. However, unlike historical English this club is quite democratic: any, without dependence from a floor and an origin can become a member, there would be 7000 dollars for an annual payment. So a member of it, promising to become most ekzekjutiv, club of Moscow there can be everybody, be it even the Black of advanced years.