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Free light in Pushchino it was not possible to light an ecology problem

Environmental problems as a whole and, in particular, a problem of recycling of a firm industrial and household waste, possibly, will remain still for a long time very painful for Russia. As in variety of regions local officials do not know (or do not wish to know) that their imperious powers in the field of the decision-making, mentioning ecology, are extremely limited by the uniform legislation for all country. It is no wonder that a material ` Garbage brokers ` love poor and silly in which besides the other there was a speech about building attempt in Pushchino MSZ on processing of the western industrial wastes, published in April, 13th, has caused angry indignation in the head of administration of the city of Pushchino which have seen almost in each line of that article an insult in the address. To clear up this question, and also in a tracing problem federal bodies of incessant attempts of import to Russia the western waste, has addressed for explanations in FSB of Russia.

to Address in FSB has forced what this service, under the current legislation, bears along with some other the greatest responsibility on suppression of illegal import to Russia from - for a boundary of a dangerous waste. Besides, in FSB the special division which problem is the general maintenance of ecological safety of Russia for a long time already is created. Conversation with the representative of FSB has taken place provided that neither his name, nor its post will not be published, however he has underlined that all told by it - the official information.
According to the employee of the central structural department of FSB co-ordinating work of territorial bodies of service on maintenance of ecological safety of the state, the situation with gathering, recycling, neutralisation, destruction and a burial place of an industrial and household waste both in Europe, and in the world as a whole constantly becomes complicated. The corresponding information constantly arrives on FSB channels. As a result today in separate regions of the world there are the emergency situations menacing to environment, and through it - the direct or mediated image - to separate persons and the separate states. Among them - Russia in which relation, according to FSB, a number of the western countries and the transnational companies carry out purposeful to the policy, expressed in appreciable increase in attempts of transboundary export at its territory industrial, including a dangerous waste. Business already reaches that with public statements about threat of large-scale export of a dangerous waste to Russia and a number of other CIS countries (first of all Central Asian) Klaus Tepfer, some representatives of high rank of nature protection services of Poland, representatives of the Central bureau of the Interpol have acted the minister of preservation of the environment of Germany.
for world trade by a waste December, 1992 became critical. Then in Uruguay the meeting of conference of the parties of the Basel convention has taken place. At meeting representatives of the USA, Canada and EU defended a position, consisting that in the presence of necessary means of processing, trade in a waste economic and is ecologically safe. These countries insisted that introduction of an interdiction for trade in a waste ostensibly will cause a damage to economy of all developing countries, as will deprive of their possibility to buy cheap (at times even gratuitous) secondary raw materials. Representatives of EU at all have rigidly declared that now the European countries are not ready to go on full prohibition of transboundary export of a waste. As a result industrially - the developed countries managed to achieve the desirable decision - under an absolute prohibition there was an export of an only unequivocally dangerous waste, thus their export with a view of processing on - former is resolved. In Uruguay the developed countries have refused (and refuse till now) to incur quite concrete obligations on creation of the international fund of the help in case of occurrence of the emergency situations connected with a turn of a waste, and fund of indemnification for a damage caused as a result of transportations of a dangerous waste.
as to a reality, and first of all Russian, that, according to FSB, all are more actively connected to illegal trade in a waste organised criminal groups. And it is quite explainable - economic efficiency of similar transactions is so high that at times exceeds incomes of narcobusiness. Efficiency is connected first of all with cost of destruction of a waste in industrially - the developed countries and in Russia - in the first for this purpose build the extremely expensive factories (provided that the local population to which also should pay for " agrees with it; ecological risk ) At us at times this waste simply and without noise where - nibud buries. Developing this theme, the employee of FSB has declared the following: now representatives of large commercial structures of Russia connected with underworld, study a question on acquisition in the property of the considerable ground areas in boggy districts of the Vologda, Kostroma and Arkhangelsk areas. Under the operative data of FSB, the future owners of land intend to use it only in one way - either to sell, or to give in rent to foreign firms for a burial place there dangerous industrial wastes. It is possible to assume safely that from interested persons will not get similar grounds of a release.
as a whole, according to the employee of FSB, it is possible to allocate variety of tendencies in activity of the western campaigns for adjustment of the large-scale and steady channel of export of a waste, including dangerous, for territory of Russia. In - the first, it is attempts of the conclusion of transactions on delivery of a waste under the pretext of realisation of projects on a reuse of a various waste for reception of useful substances, materials and energy. And statements of foreign and Russian businessmen for existing plans on processing of an import waste for the purpose of recycling, as a rule, according to FSB, deeply are not studied and frequently find support in local authorities (to that, actually, and earlier published material has been devoted). Possibilities of Russia do not allow to process the most part of usually offered nomenclature of the western waste for economic, technological and ecological reasons.
so, in the last some years the Russian businessmen together with foreign partners repeatedly tried to adjust cooperation on restoration at the enterprises of Russia of the automobile tyre covers which were in the use. In these purposes purchases and delivery in the considerable quantity country/ at tyre covers were made and made now. However, as show results spent by experts Russian rezinotehnicheskoj to the industry of the researches, the existing technological base of processing of old tyre covers is not favourable from the point of view of economic (means official economic - the statistical reporting), especially from the point of view of a put damage of ecology. In particular, from total of tyre covers offered by foreign partners for a reuse after their technological processing (sorting, protector deepening) can be really used no more than 200 of 1000/ at tyres. The others 800 any are not subject to processing or restoration, that is why are burnt or buried in unstated places without reception of any permissions. It is quite probable that the western partners pay for it Russian slightly more than the real sums of contracts. But to prove arrangement, of course, it is difficult.
in - the second, delivery of the western waste under the pretext of so-called davalcheskogo raw materials (tolingovye operations) practises. There are cases of attempts of import to Russia under the pretext of various chemical raw materials and dyes of a dangerous chemical waste. The third tendency - growth of number of the offer from foreign firms about gratuitous building of rubbish incinerator plants with the obligation to process at these enterprises a part of the waste imported from - for borders (pushchinsky the case with the offer from the Austrian campaign FMW ideally keeps within this scheme). Besides, FSB is already noted some facts of adjustment of illegal channels of import to Russia a dangerous waste. As a rule, little-known firms - the intermediaries created for realisation of one or several transactions on export of a dangerous waste after whom they, as a rule, stop existence are engaged in all these operations. Cases of the conclusion of transactions on behalf of nonexistent, fictitious firms are revealed.
as to direct a case with attempt has begun buildings by the Austrian firm FMW MSZ in Pushchino (the city administration tried to press through four months the positive decision and as - that to affect negative public opinion), how the employee of FSB has declared, its department has established control over all process of study of the contract and negotiating with representatives FMW almost from their most beginning. Differently, goradministratsija soon after reception of the offer from FMW has got under a cap competent bodies. Possibly, it becomes the big news to the head of administration of the city of Pushchino g - on Kutyshenko whom it is close to heart has apprehended the first material on this theme, published in April, 13th. Anatoly Kutyshenko has considered that in it the administration entrusted to it is presented readers with relish and an undisguised jeer (the material essence was reduced to that local chiefs, solving the questions mentioning problems of ecology, quite often do not imagine, where their powers come to an end and the competence of federal bodies, including security service) begins. The Pushchinsky mayor has threatened with court if edition and authors of a material do not bring apologies personally g - well Kutyshenko. But it is not clear, for what it is necessary to apologise, as relish with a jeer concern more likely style, than to the facts resulted in article.
the project which has become by a basis of the publication Garbage brokers... And concerning which accuracy of citing the mayor had some doubts, is called Project E 1128 also it is made in Kirshtettene in December, 1995 specially for the city of Pushchino by experts Forderanlagen und Maschinenbau AG about what there is a corresponding record on the title page. As to statements g - on Kutyshenko that there was no information leakage which have become by the beginning of mass campaign for a non-admission of building MSZ in Pushchino and all from the very beginning became publicly we are compelled to remind: as earlier mayor recognised (in interview to a local press), the offer on factory building has arrived on December, 16th, 1995, the first open meeting, besides by a recognition pushchinskogo the mayor, has taken place in a city on January, 29th, 1996. Meanwhile the first public statement in a local press on a theme of building of factory most g - on Kutyshenko is dated only on February, 16th, 1996. In corresponding number Pushchinsky " environment; The mayor, answering a question, why in a city many the most improbable hearings about prospective building of factory recognises that in it, probably, and our fault - administrations and somewhat managements of Centre of science . As a result after two months after the authorities already actively worked over the project, townsmen had no trustworthy information about the project.
in general - that pathos g - on Kutyshenko on - chelovecheski is clear - on the project on processing of the western waste pushchinskoj administration was put very many. To a city has been promised reliable system of power supply . To veterans of war and invalids - in general a free electricity. Workplaces (under the project - already 101) were promised. Thus the Austrians it is oath promised to destroy not only the, but also collected for many long years pushchinsky garbage. But, perhaps, the most important thing - FMW planned to list $1,5 million a year into the off-budget account. It - before the termination of a time of recovery of outlay, and after - to $10 million And any garbage. Has broken...