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The businessman accuse of weapon storage

Struggle for a building has resulted the businessman in prison

Savelovsky court has released from - under guards of the director of firm the Renaissance Sergey Kartashova accused of illegal storage of the weapon. In October of last year 20 pomegranates have been found in office of its firm at a search, a revolver, cartridges to a carbine and trotyl. To prove that all this arsenal belongs to Kartashovu, yet it was not possible to a consequence, and to it incriminated storage of only one fuse from grenade F - 1. The accused is assured that the weapon to it was thrown by the former partners.

Firm the Renaissance Sergey Kartashov supervised which, was engaged in trade in video equipment. Near to a building where its office settled down, the firm office " settled down; Kanopus . Both firms in common rented a ground in Moscow where have constructed three buildings. Among founders of both firms there was Igor Vugin. Kartashov also connects all troubles With it.
as lawyer Kartashova Maxim Smal has told, in February, 1995 Vugin has left structure of founders the Renaissance . In two months Kartashova were stolen by unknown persons, have brought it to any cellar where on behalf of Vugina demanded to give belonging to the Renaissance a building and to pay $ more 20 thousand in quality otkupnyh.
Next day Kartashov has carried in Kanopus a paper in which has refused a building, and in regional ROOP - the statement for abduction and extortion. There to it have advised not to give money, and on a meeting with extortioners of Kartashova employees ROOP accompanied. But to detain criminals it was not possible: at a meeting they why - that have not demanded with Kartashova of money. Therefore field investigators have only withdrawn at Kanopusa written Kartashovym otkaznuju a paper. However on it its troubles have not come to an end.
on October, 27th, 1995 in the Renaissance with a search employees of RUOP of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow were. They have withdrawn 20 pomegranates, a revolver, cartridges and trotyl. In an office of Kartashova have found grenade F - 1 without a fuse - it has appeared in a case of the director. This very day upon weapon storage in OVD Savelovsky criminal case has been brought, and Kartashova have detained on three days on suspicion in grenade storage. But on interrogations all employees the Renaissance have declared to a consequence that before the weapon in firm never saw, therefore Kartashova have released, without having shown any charges.
on January, 24th, 1996 Kartashova all - taki have arrested. Its lawyer needed almost half a year to prove illegality of this arrest and to achieve a judgement about clearing of the client from - under guards. Thus the consequence has dismissed charge in grenade storage with Kartashova: now to it only illegal storage of a fuse is charged. However, according to the lawyer, storage of separate details of the weapon is not a crime if their use is not proved. Besides, the fuse without a grenade is not the weapon in general. Therefore Smal hopes that business soon in the relation of Kartashova will be closed in the absence of crime structure. Its troubles, most likely, on it will come to an end: in firm Kanopus to the correspondent have informed that Vugin in it any more is not registered.