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Tours nju - orleanskogo a jazz

Not in uniqueness happiness

Under the bright slogan To us happy music " goes; across Russia the jazz - an orchestra " goes on tour; Prezervejshn - a hall from Nju - the Anatto tree. How advertise these tours their organizers, the State theatre of the nations and artistic agency Ardani show nju - orleantsy at all the unique jazz program and at all for the first time in our country . Musicologist DMITRY UKHOV has visited at concerts Prezervejshn - a hall - a band and autumn of 1979 at Variety theatre, and this time at satire Theatre.

the Seaport of Nju - the Anatto tree was always well-known for music. In particular, the first musician from New light, recognised Old (led by Chopin and Berlioz), was nju - orleanets - Creole Lui Moro Gottschok. And today the quantity of musical stars per capita in this city still considerably exceeds average indicators across the USA in whole (from Fetsa of Dominoes and Doctor John to Harry Konika and brothers of Nevill, not to mention a dynasty Marsalisov). Nju - the Anatto tree has become history as a city of happy music - infinite street processions, whether it be a carnival or funeral: according to the African tradition, on road from a cemetery it is necessary to play cheerful and vigorous things. And though the notorious area of red lanterns in which, under the legend, in the end of the XIX-th century the jazz was born, in Nju - the Anatto tree has been covered in the First World War, fans early nju - orleanskogo style still want to see in it the great Lui Armstrong`s singing about those cheerful free city, As this world " is wonderful; and as Sacred go to paradise .
Such fan had appeared and tubist Alan Dzheffi (or on - French Zhaffe - Jaffe): In 1961 he together with the spouse has bought a historical building in the French quarter, has put in it creaking garden benches and has made of it something like reserve of an old jazz - so, actually, and the word preservation is translated.
Once ensemble under mark Prezervejshn - a hall - a band at us already went on tour - and then, now anything unique could not present that is called, by definition. And about what uniqueness there can be a speech, if Prezervejshn - a hall is actually an enterprise uniting at least three ensembles which actors easily replace each other: for example, on tour to Russia in structure Brunios - a band there has arrived clarinettist Jacque Gaultier, instead of the one who is specified in an aaplet. Practically everything that sounds in Prezervejshn - a hall - Or historical smash hits of the first decades of the XX-th century, ljubovno all remaining in repertoire diksilendov the world (like the marches describing topography of Nju - the Anatto tree - Parade in the street Burbons ), or that evergreen classics of a jazz which is known not only in an original form, but also in later, including the advanced processings ( Bejsin - strit - a blues ) .
However, in comparison with Prezervejshn - a hall - a band the sample of 1979 in whom 60 - summer trumpeter Kid Valentajn was the youngest, Brunios - a band much more youngly: in it only one veteran - grey-haired, but still very vigorous bandzhist Narvin Kimbell. But drummer Joseph Lasti, and the head " are absolutely yet old also contrabass player Benjamin from a dynasty of Dzheffi, both; Brunios - a band trumpeter Vendell Brunios. He also conducted a concert - conducted, alas, without transfer, for what it can be excused: the first rows have been filled by Americans so at it the impression could be made that all in a hall understand on - anglijski. But in the musical relation all participants of ensemble - including pianist Riki Moni and shining trombonist Frenk Demond - were well prepared for tours on our earth: almost at once they have started Russian national smash hit ( Sent - Luis - to a blues Certainly), and even have renounced museum principles, having charged to Jacque Gaultier to play tearful the Small flower composed by the Creole Sydney Beshe in France already after the Second World War.
in due time at us often repeated well-known thought in the XIX-th century that Europeans love the Ancient Greece as adults love children for the antique civilisation is ostensibly the happy childhood of mankind. Nju - orleanskie marches, kekuoki and a Charleston too it is easy and pleasant to consider as the cloudless childhood of a jazz. And today, when our jazzmen or have taken cover from the people in expensive clubs, or in general have replaced a trade, us especially does not suffice a holiday, which always with you - street diksilenda: Boris Matveeva`s not casually command when it appears at Intourist on Tver, the crowd of listeners at once surrounds. Accordingly, there is nothing to be surprised and to that the concert of happy music from nju - orleanskogo reserve has passed in satire Theatre almost with the notice. And which - who in an interval even bought a compact - disks from Prezervejshn - a hall - and at the price, twice bolshej, than in the America.