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The constitutional process in Ukraine

the Authorities argue, while the people will not interfere

the impression is made that Ukraine is among the countries most subject to recurrence of development. The considerable part of internal political events of this year can seem completely similar to events of year past. All difference only that one year ago spears left and right, Leonid Kuchma`s staff and the Supreme body broke round the law on the power, become in the changed form the constitutional contract. Nowadays battles follow the constitution - on May, 15th the time parliamentary commission has finished the next coordination of once again changed project. All the rest seems only variations on this background.

For incomplete five years of the independence Ukraine tries to accept the Constitution already in the second time (the first attempt was in 1993). Of that time and present projects, speak, have much the general. Though after the next processing and the coordination in some places the project was transformed beyond recognition - in particular, in it any more is not told about a parliament of two houses, and powers of the prime minister have a little extended.
the unicameral parliament is represented to one deputies tradition which does not need to be broken, it seems to another that the parliament of two houses threatens with loss of independence from - for federalizatsii republics, the third see in the upper chamber threat for bottom which risks to lose influence on political processes. It concerns those deputy groups and fractions to which the idea of the Ukrainian statehood not seems utopian. Them in VS Ukraine the majority. There are still communists of orthodox sense. Their fraction - it is far not the most influential. However to play muscles communists try: in particular, they have spent through parliament the decision about mistrust to the chairman of a national broadcasting company and head teleradiokomiteta, the appointed president.
the Constitutional fights have passed in the category of the item. First of all, in a society already there is no division on a line communists - democrats (with a prefix natsional - or without it). Division goes to other signs. There is no rigid border between parliament and executive power. In both camps is a lot of dissatisfied with the direct management. Prime minister Evgenie Marchuk, for example, gets on with the head of parliament Alexander Morozom, than with the head of presidential administration Dmitry Tabachnikom is better. The society, according to conclusions of sociologists, is not aimed at confrontation and almost equally does not trust all authorities (but thus to the president trusts more). Besides politicisation recession is observed - many citizens simply did not read the published project of the constitution, and many from reading as has noted the Frost, could not understand, about what there there is a speech. Therefore the criticism of the project both on the right, and at the left (employees of presidential administration did not criticise it only) occupies the people a little. Though, apparently, the people also should express under the project as ultimate authority.
as the constitution in that kind as it is presented in the project, is necessary first of all to the president, the project, most likely, will not collect in parliament of necessary two thirds of votes. Communists do not hide that wait for coming to power in Russia Zyuganov that everything including the constitution, to receive from his hands, and will torpedo process according to the lights. Otherwise they should leave from a scene. Therefore the unique way of a solution of a problem is the referendum initiated by both branches of the power. Already it is now clear that by an anniversary of the constitutional contract - on June, 8th - constitutions at Ukraine yet will not be (positions of the contract in this respect are not quite accurate: In one article it is told that the constitution should be accepted within a year from the date of the contract conclusion, but anywhere particularly annual period of validity of the contract is not stipulated). The Council of Europe, accepting Ukraine, has taken away on acceptance of the new organic law also year. So, probably, the referendum will take place in the autumn - and is not hot, both the potato is dug already out, and passions to autumn usually fall down.
the paradox consists that if the decision on the referendum carrying out is accepted, all branches of the power arguing now among themselves, will be interested in that the people have voted for the constitution. Otherwise it is necessary to leave not only to president Kuchma (that he already recognised), but also to parliament. And then there will come chaos which even to communists is not favourable.