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In Moscow

the Georgian architect extortioners have got murders and in Russia

Yesterday in Moscow have killed four persons. At night in one of houses in the street Ayvazovsky have shot the professional boxer, the assistant to the general director of firm the Infrastructure Rudolf Schmidt and his wife, the student 1 - go a course of ecological university Asya. In the afternoon in the house in the street Pyreva have been killed businessman Boris Ganevich and its uncle Boris Utirzon. Murderers have disappeared.

In the first to o`clock in the morning inhabitants of the house #1 along the street Ayvazovsky have heard the booming and private claps distributed from apartment # 171, located on 11 - m a floor. The disturbed neighbours have caused militia. Field investigators have found out that the apartment door is opened, and on a floor of one of rooms have found the riddled bodies of the assistant to the general director of firm the Infrastructure Rudolf Schmidt and his wife Asya. The businessman has been killed by five bullets in a head, his wife - a family. Militiamen have established that murderers fired from three trunks: a TT, a revolver and a pistol of foreign manufacture of calibre of 9 mm.
as it became known to correspondents, now law enforcement bodies fulfil some versions of an event. On one of them, the inhabitant of Naro situated near Moscow - Fominsk Schmidt has been closely connected with criminal structures of a city and some times took part in gangster dismantlings in quality planting (has settled conflicts between groupings). Under other version, murder of the businessman is connected with arrival of a certain criminal grouping on its firm. The boxer has not wanted to pay to gangsters a tribute and intended to understand with racketeers who simply have outstripped it.
this very day about 11 hours per one of apartments of the house #4 along the street Pyreva have been killed the architect and businessman Boris Ganevich and its uncle Boris Utirzon.
About six years ago member of the Union of architects of Ganevich together with the wife has got over from Tbilisi to Moscow. Having fulfilled four years at the several state and commercial enterprises, Ganevich has bought the car and apartment. Successes of the architect have drawn attention of criminal structures and gangsters have stolen son Ganevicha living at that time in Tbilisi. The architect in militia did not begin to address, having redeemed the son for 1 million roubles.
shortly before tragedy Boris Ganevich has got a job in large civil engineering firm. But some days ago gangsters again have driven into it. They counted on what sum this time, it is not known yet, clearly only that Ganevich of the requirement has refused to execute.
yesterday on a visit to Ganevichu there has arrived its uncle Boris Utirzon. When they have started to discuss family problems, into apartment have rushed four armed Caucasians. At first they have finished with Utirzonom, and then have shot Ganevicha who has rushed on gangsters with a knife in a hand. While criminals killed the uncle and the father, son Ganevicha has managed to jump out of apartment and has run in the nearest police station. When the group of immediate reaction has arrived on a scene, gangsters and the trace has caught a cold. Militiamen have put on the wanted list a motor vehicle VAZ - 2107 on which criminals but so it and have not found have disappeared.