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Anniversary Nju - Jorksky stock exchange

NYSE - a place where capitals from every corner of the globe

are invested 204 years ago, on May, 17th, 1792, 24 nju - jorkskih the broker have signed the well-known Battonvudsky agreement on creation of the organised stock market. So the beginning of well-known Nju - Jorksky stock exchange (NYSE), become was necessary subsequently to one of the world`s largest centres of trade in securities. Recently on NYSE special correspondent IGOR - TROSNIKOV has visited.

to get on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange, I had to reach to the beginning of Manhattan. Here, on a place of crossing Ford - strit and Uoll - strit, in the end of a XVIII-th century of dews the well-known plane tree under which transactions with the first American promissory notes which have been let out in 1790 under the offer of Alexander Gamiltona consisted. Here in 1792 there was Nju - Jorksky stock exchange which only in 1903 - m has moved to the present office to the address Ford - strit, 18.
Having entered into a building of a stock exchange and safely having passed a metal detector framework, I have got to a premise representing simultaneously a museum and a viewing point. In this place there is an acquaintance to the most well-known stock exchange in the world. Here on the small monitors built in in a wall it is possible to receive the diversified information on how the stock exchange as the securities market is arranged works, and even to ask any question. For example, than the future differs from an option, or that such derivativ. Hardly the photos illustrating history NYSE (some of them are dated by the last century) further hang.
On a platform with might and main there is a sale of souvenirs with stock exchange symbolics. Tourists here usually are not late. All aspire to pass faster on a balcony and, having clung to a bullet-proof glass, to see to how there is a trade in securities.
to me has not too carried - at the moment of my visiting at a stock exchange it was quiet, such conditions at all did not correspond to that I expected to see. There was no crowd of the fussing brokers continuously calling by phone and scattering exchange certificates, nobody caught at heart. People it is lazy walked on a hall, from time to time exchanging remarks.
and nevertheless the seen impressed. One sight at a large quantity of various screens, computers and phones located along walls was to understand enough that you are on one of the largest stock exchanges of the world. A wall clock showed local time in the largest business centres of a planet - from Tokyo to Los - Andzhelesa. In the same place there are also small electronic boards with a creeping line. They have been established at a stock exchange in 1976 and thanks to high efficiency (they transfer 36 000 signs in a minute) allow to receive operatively the information on current quotations of securities.
the first technical improvement - tikker - the device transferring stock quotes and orders of clients from offices of broker firms, has appeared at a stock exchange in 1867. The first tikkery did not differ in the high speed and could not cope with work on September, 24th, 1869 - in the day known as black Friday when stock quotes have sharply fallen off. Nevertheless occurrence tikkerov has allowed to refuse services of messengers which plied between a building of a stock exchange and broker offices, transferring orders of clients.
Tikkery were one of the first, but is far not the unique technical improvement applied at a stock exchange. Use of the newest technologies was one of the factors which have allowed NYSE to live more of two hundred years and to become what it is today - one of the largest stock exchanges of the world. On the end of last year market capitalisation of 2673 companies registered on Nju - the Jorksky stock exchange, has made neither much nor few $6 bln. Daily volume of the auctions was at level about 346 million actions, or $12,2 mlrd that gives to a stock exchange all grounds to confirm: The World puts its stock in us - the World invests the capital at us .