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Whether Edward Rossel

the Governor of an epoch of feudal dissociation

Is the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel the most influential Russian regional master? Very much can be. Anyway, analogues it in modern Russia not to find - unless in medieval France. On boldness of struggle for economic independence (the idea of the Ural republic has not died at all) it is comparable with Charles Burgundsky. And on ability to strengthen the power by means of refined political intrigues - with an antipode of the freedom-loving duke king Louis XI.

Uneasy history of coming to power
Certainly, many regional leaders have managed to provide to themselves the special relation from Moscow and to liquidate competitors at themselves in region. But Rossel has surpassed all. Nobody had to achieve the in such fierce struggle and nobody has seized so refined receptions of political activity.
Rossel was the governor of Sverdlovsk area since 1991. In 1993 it has been removed, as too considerably protected idea of economic independence of area and has frightened Moscow of idea of the Ural republic. On change Alexey Strahov whom Rossel in August of last year in fierce struggle has won elections of the governor has been sent it. Who else from present regional leaders can brag of such uneasy history of coming to power?
fears on - former is an influential figure (now he heads local branch of NDR) and continues to remain Rossel`s competitor. The governor constantly lets know that while exists Fears and headed by it the Promoscow lobby he will not calm down. In March indicative campaign for definitive exposure of Strahova under the name " has been spent; investigation of destiny of the gone credit in $4,2 million the History is that. In the first board Rossel has achieved from Moscow formation of Sverdlovsk mortgaging fund as guarantee of foreign investments. In 1992 Boris Yeltsin not without pressure of fellow countrymen has published the decree about use for these purposes of precious metals and the stones extracted in area. A part of regional mortgaging fund (34 kg of gold) under the decree of the president of the Russian Federation (#1399 from 5. 07. 94) it is realised by Vneshtorgbankom for $4,25 million which have been allocated areas as the federal credit. By then over area Alexey Strahov who has divided the credit between local firms supervised: Open Company the Russian manganese ($250 thousand) Ptitseprom ($1 million), Open Company Mjasomoltorg ($1,25 million) and Joint-Stock Company the Investment centre - growth Points ($1,7 million). During the March investigation spent by the government, it was found out that two last firms which have received the most part of the credit, any investments have not provided also money used for the needs. same gangsters, - the governor is indignant, - I even could not imagine that it is possible so impudently to steal money from the state . Rossel is convinced that the part of these means is used by Alexey Strahovym on campaign for elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

the governor in struggle for the true government
the Victory on last year`s elections has got to Rossel expensively. For it it was necessary to pay a post of the prime minister of the regional government which has been given assistant Strahova Valery Trushnikovu who actually betrayed the chief and has called the voters (Trushnikov too applied for a post of the governor) to vote for Rossel. As a result the considerable part of generated Trushnikovym of the government at all is not Rossel`s supporters. And it had to combat own prime minister and an office. Who else from governors appeared in such position?
but Rossel has won here again. It managed to enter gradually into an office of the supporters. It is possible to be expressed and differently - supporters of the economic sovereignty of area and the Ural republic. For example, soon after coming to power Rossel has dismissed as supporter of the Promoscow course of Strahova vitse - the prime minister and the chairman of the regional State Property Committee Vladimir Vaulina also has appointed to Alexander Burkov`s this post (this 28 - the summer official, according to some employees of the government, yet does not pull on vitse - a premiere, but it is boundless is betrayed to the governor).
However, the people who have kept fidelity to Rossel, it has appeared not too a little. In the government there were former heads of administrations of the Ural cities Sergey Chemezov (the deputy the prime minister on agriculture and the consumer market) and Vladimir Krysov (the deputy the prime minister on social policy). Anatoly Tarasov (its first contacts to the Chinese and Indian companies, and also new foreign contracts of an Uralmash testify that Rossel has not miscalculated) has returned to duties of the head of department of foreign economic relations.
Recently struggle has ended with Rossel`s clear victory. Trushnikov has been sent in resignation, the government is disbanded and anew created already exclusively from true to the governor of officials. To the prime minister now Rossel too cannot have now claims. On this post Alexey Vorobev, the old supporter of the governor and ideas of regional economic independence is just confirmed.

Rossel as the supporter of budgetary federalism
However as it was found out, a victory over the Moscow lobby and a sovereignty celebration have not improved matters at all Rossel. He, apparently, has already understood, how it is necessary to develop regional economy - to count on extracting branches (gold and jewels, colour and rare-earth metals). The matter is that manufacturing industry (basically VPK) to develop not too really - it is too much money for this purpose it is required. Political instability in the country does illusory hopes of foreign investments. Own financial system of Ural Mountains while is weak, and on capitals of the Moscow banks the governor essentially does not wish to put - Muscovites associate at it with power loss. However and extracting branches demand money. And Rossel has decided to collect them in the regional budget, having carried out reform of financial relations of area and municipal unions.
this reform is developed by the head of committee of economy of the regional government Galina Kovalevoj (one of supporters of the sovereignty which to Rossel managed to be entered into government Trushnikova). The most interesting that principles of construction of interbudgetary relations have been put in a reform basis in the Russian Federation. The Regional fund of financial support and stimulation " is formed; for alignment of incomes of territories with high both low tax potential and various level socially - economic development transfers are entered. This year the governor has spent new model of the budget through regional Legislative Assembly.
and here Rossel has got to the same position in what there is a centre. Heads of several Ural cities have opposed that the area took away from them money. Especially active there was a mayor of Ekaterinburg Arcady Chernetsky who has directly declared: the Governor conducts an aggressive policy in the area, cardinally contradicting Rossel`s declarations at the all-Russian level. There is no sense to take powers from the centre, to combine them to itself under back . According to Chernetsky, the traditional formula of budgetary relations of Ekaterinburg with area in the budget this year has appeared turned: if usually 65 % of the collected taxes in a city remain in its budget, now - only 35 %. Local political scientists have in eager rivalry started talking about Chernetsky`s far-reaching plans - that is that he wants to become the governor.
In April of this year during elections in regional Legislative Assembly Chernetsky together with heads of administrations of Kamensk - Ural Boris Polujahtovym and Alapaevsk Boris Koshkinym, and also with the mayor of Nizhni Tagil Nikolay Didenko has created the block Our house - our city in a counterbalance to the block of the governor Transformation of Ural Mountains . Members of the block even have addressed to fellow citizens: Having defended ideas of equality and independence at the all-Russian level, we have faced accruing unwillingness of the regional authorities to inform these rights and possibilities to cities and areas - places where the basic vital interests of citizens are concentrated. The unfair system of distribution of the regional budget, completely ignoring programs of development of cities and areas is created. The rights of local communities and local governments " are curtailed;. Rossel in the answer has declared: Chernetsky`s Block - nonsense utter: There is a law on self-management where 32 functions of local government are registered. Here I also want them to leave to mayors .

the Victory over the risen town governors
And Rossel has again won. Its block has received the majority in both chambers of regional parliament. The governor has begun new reform - obviously to suppress the rests of mutiny of mayors. A reform essence in the following. As there is a law on local government, the future division into the power state and the self-management power - time business only. As soon as heads of administrations of cities will be selected by mayors, they become independent of the regional power and less operated. Rossel answers it with introduction of district management. The area territory breaks into six districts in which head there are the prefects appointed, naturally, the governor. Prefects will watch, how mayors provide a state policy - for example, in the sphere of education and public health services. The governor has already signed the corresponding decree.
resistance is not suppressed yet. Arcady Chernetsky, certainly, considers idea of district division harmful, unacceptable and will counteract in every possible way to its realisation. However at Rossel the answer is already ready - he is going to achieve granting of independence to areas of Ekaterinburg. Eventually, who how not Rossel, is the chief specialist and in questions of the economic sovereignty and in a difficult science of political intrigues?