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New decrees of the president

Yeltsin`s Decrees can be realised only at Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin`s Activity on a post of the president last months proves that the most effective tool of race for power including during election campaign, the power is. A question only in how it to dispose, and having disposed - as a tax the fulfilments to voters.

For today the propaganda machine of the president, apparently, works better, than for its main competitor: Yeltsin`s rating, unlike Zyuganov, grows within last weeks (though different polls give a different gain of popularity).
However, seemingly, that business not only in propagation. Communists have simply nothing to offer, except slogans though and at them today it is a lot of the power. The left posesses in the Duma the strong majority which they could use for constructive lawmaking. But do not use: left in the Duma are engaged practically in one pre-election propagation. Yeltsin`s decrees - about indemnification of contributions of citizens, about transition to professional army and a service order in flashpoints about reduction of application of the death penalty - as a matter of fact should cover the gap formed as a result in the legislation.
besides during election campaign Boris Yeltsin has a special reason to use constitutional law to publish decrees. The matter is that happen in Russia after June other president, decrees of the present can quite sink into oblivion. After all it not the law, and the decree, strictly obligatory only for operating administration. Thus, the voters vitally interested in real performance of a Yeltsin package of decrees (their range is wide - from soldier`s mothers and soldiers to investors - pensioners), should take now into consideration this circumstance. Differently, do not want, that your sons gibli in flashpoints - make a correct choice.
and, probably, it is not casual yesterday the speaker of the Duma communist Gennady Seleznev has hastened to declare that the decree, according to which military men in flashpoints will go only voluntary, of course, correct as a matter of fact however the untimely: a pier, it will introduce chaos in ranks of the army. It is not excluded that now left in the Duma, having thought suddenly, will start to accept something legislative on traces of Yeltsin decrees. But, in - the first, to time at them already on it practically does not remain; In - the second, pre-election passions have completely grasped legislative minds, and to be switched to normal work not so - that simply; in - the third to intercept the initiative at the president it, probably, any more it will not be possible.
Now has put only behind that the Yeltsin staff has managed to finish to understanding of voters: contributions of voters will be compensated by Boris Yeltsin - if it remains in power, and the army appeal will be excellent not simply to spring of 2000, namely by the end of the second term of stay in power the present president.