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Mutual gifts of all have satisfied Boris Yeltsin`s visit to Belarus

On termination of the visit to Minsk Boris Yeltsin has declared that it is very happy its results, also admitted that it very much liked Alexander Lukashenko. Presidents communicated in atmosphere of such full mutual understanding that sometimes even it seemed that Russian is hardly kept from that in inflow of friendly feelings not to slap Belarus on a shoulder. Lukashenko not less warmly thanked Yeltsin for sympathy to the young politician and understanding of the Belarus problems.

In general are happy all. About the greater pleasure, for example, it is a lot of and willingly Andrey Kozyrev spoke. He sincerely admitted that visit to Minsk for it the major action this year . And the signed Friendship treaty, good neighbourhood and cooperation Kozyrev named The largest achievement in foreign policy of Russia and Belarus . To support this achievement two more agreements - about joint efforts on protection of state border of Belarus and about joint customs efforts are called. In the first day of visit Yeltsin has told that only thanks to the special relation from the president and a management of Belarus we could conclude the good contract. All borders on the lock, and nobody in for nothing .
After an official dinner the friendship of presidents has expanded so that next day, at visiting MAZa where it was a question of creation Russian - Belarus automobile corporation, Lukashenko was not kept from a broad gesture: to Yeltsin have presented an iron bison, yes have in addition presented the truck. The head of Russia has estimated gifts, especially MAZ : By the morning in Russia will be? on what Lukashenko has promised that hloptsy will drive .
the Belovezhsky theme soared and in the environment of Russian - the Belarus smaller politicians - on a banquet for them and journalists toasts rose basically Belovezhsky bitter for the prompt cancellation of the CIS and returning to the Union. Yeltsin, however, in Academy of Sciences has repeated again that all attempts to revive under a new signboard the Union are doomed . However, dislike of the president to to the Euroasian idea has not prevented it to assume that is fast to Russia and to Belarus Kazakhstan, and " can join; the Commonwealth kernel " will turn out;. Though Yeltsin, according to Lukashenko, was ashamed to utter the term association less diffident Belarus president has declared that which in what it is necessary to unite . He has confirmed intention to spend language a referendum: Polls show that 84 % of people for that Russian was state . What part from promised to Yeltsin Belorussii 150 mlrd credit roubles will leave on a referendum, was not informed.
for two days Yeltsin and has not found time to visit the Belarus parliament. It is many has offended. The leader of fraction Belarus sotsial - a democratic bulk Oleg Trusov considers that g - n Yeltsin simply was frightened to act, knowing, as Rybkin`s deputies have met. Then nobody has wanted to unite with Russia, even communists. To Yeltsin, probably, it is necessary as to escape from a tribune as Rybkin when has seen the deputy from opposition at a microphone " escaped;. In opinion of the head of Incorporated democratic party of Alexander Dobrovolsky, attempt to achieve favourable to Russia and unprofitable conditions for Belarus are dangerous: In due course it will lead not to strengthening, and to cooling of relations .
Rapprochement of the countries was visible in all - for example, the Belarus special services quickly adopt experience of the Russian: yesterday at two o`clock the journalist " has been arrested; the Independent newspaper Yury Karmanov who was making the way through cordons to meeting place of Yeltsin with scientists. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that employees of security service of the president of Russia have released the journalist.