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export of property of the Black Sea fleet

the Management of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Is stopped has agreed with command of the Black Sea fleet upon the termination of export from territory of parts CHF of military and other property. According to the commander of fleet of admiral Edward Baltina, the property will be in parts to the decision Ukraine and Russia of a question on fleet section.

Boris Gromov will deal with territorial problems
the Deputy minister of defence Boris Gromov recently appointed the main military expert the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the foreign trip first in this quality will make to China and Japan as a part of the delegation headed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Andrey Kozyrevym. Visit to China will pass 1 - on March, 2nd, and to Japan - 2 - on March, 4th.

Epidemic of creation of deputy groups proceeds
the Next initiative group has begun gathering of 35 statements necessary for official registration of the Duma deputy group. The former head of governmental body of Russia Vladimir Kvasov, the chairman of committee on the organisation of work of the Duma Vladimir Bauer who has recently left fraction the Choice of Russia members of deputy group the New regional policy Victor Mashinsky, Vyacheslav Smirnov and Evgenie Gusarov have declared that in their group the Duma - 96 23 persons are ready to enter already. Skeleton of new association will be made by the deputies who have won one-mandatory districts, entering in NRP, and were in opposition to its leader Vladimir Medvedev. the Duma - 96 according to its organizers, will be structurally to criticise the government . The first certificate critics There should be a today`s solidary voting the Dumas - 96 against the budget.

act of terrorism political character
the Act of terrorism is made yesterday in the morning in Dushanbe. On the bus the GROOVE delivering for work of employees of the Russian hospital, has been made by the unknown person a shot from a grenade cup discharge. 7 persons from 28 were in the bus have got wounds of the various severity level, one woman has died. A press - the secretary of the director of the Federal frontier service of Russia colonel Alexander Suvorov has declared that this action most likely has political character as it is made in Day of the defender of Fatherland and in day of start of relay race along external borders of the states of the Commonwealth, devoted 50 - letiju Victories .

To Kishinev there has arrived the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
After the arrival to capital of Moldova Gennady Udovenko has declared: We will discuss problems of bilaterial cooperation, and also our communications as within the limits of the European safety, and the CIS . Among these problems - participation of Ukraine in the course of peaceful settlement of a Dnestr problem and a conclusion 14 - j the Russian army which will pass through territory of Ukraine.

OSCE negotiations
in Vienna Have come to the end Yesterday negotiations within the limits of constant council of the Organization about safety and cooperation in Europe have come to the end. At negotiations OSCE mechanisms on control over performance Russian - the Latvian military agreements have been developed. Henceforth agreements on legal status of a radar in Skrunde and about social security of military pensioners and members of their families living in territory of Latvia, will receive additional military - legal status.

NATO Council the Secretary general of the North Atlantic alliance of Villi Klas has confirmed trust of Villi Klasu
has informed constant representatives of 16 countries in Council of the NATO that had no relation to to business of Agusty during the stay of its Minister of Economics of Belgium. The head of an alliance has confirmed that has been never expressly or by implication involved in the actions connected with reception of commission or other payments as compensation for advancement of contracts. Councillors of the NATO have unanimously confirmed the trust to the secretary general the press - NATO services is marked in the message.