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the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has rejected the federal law About minimum wage rate increase in the Russian Federation . In the letter directed to the chairman of the State Duma to Ivan Rybkin, the president specifies that the law is accepted without the government conclusion according to which introduction of the new minimum wage rate in the sum of 54100 roubles of month since February, 1st, 1995 will entail increase of rates of workers of budgetary sphere in 2,64 times. It will demand in addition, taking into account dropping out incomes in 1995, 159 trln roubles at the expense of means of budgets of all levels.

Boris Yeltsin has signed the federal law About the special tax from the enterprises, establishments and the organisations for financial support of the major branches of a national economy of the Russian Federation and maintenance of steady work of the enterprises of these branches Accepted by the State Duma on January, 25th and approved by federation Council on February, 8th. Also the president signs the federal law About natural medical - improving districts and resorts accepted by the State Duma on January, 27th.

the President signs the decree about compensatory payments to families with children, the pupil and to other categories of the persons applying for a social relief aid. The decree provides to establish since March, 1st, 1995 and before acceptance of the new federal law on the minimum wage rate compensatory payments at a rate of 70 % to grants to the families having children, grants to pupils, students, post-graduate students and doktorantam, to other social payments financed at the expense of means of the federal budget and the state off-budget funds which sizes are established by the Russian legislation proceeding from the minimum wage rate. It is offered to the government of the Russian Federation in 2 - week term to confirm an order of appointment of compensatory payments.

Boris Yeltsin the decree has founded Representation of the Chechen Republic at the President of the Russian Federation.

the government has accepted the decision About transfer of the Center of information and social technologies at the Government of the Russian Federation in conducting the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation . According to the document behind the Center of information and social technologies office accommodations remain. The director of the centre for the status is equated to the head of department of Ministry of Economics.

Nikolay Lissovsky is dismissed by the order of the government of the deputy minister of foreign economic relations of Russia.