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World share indexes

On Nju - Jorksky stock exchange on Wednesday there was small, but the stable increase of the quotations which have followed performance in the congress of head FRS of Alain Grinspena which has calmed investors.
the index of the London stock exchange has a little gone down to closing on Wednesday. The statement of company Hanson for sale of a considerable part of its branches for reduction of debts became the main event.
at stock exchange of Frankfurt an index blue counters has slightly gone down, remaining on an average for last 200 days level. The sales volume also has remained at the average level, on what the impact dollar easing has made.
political scandal has paralysed the Parisian stock exchange therefore languid and boring trading day has ended with small fall of quotations.
gradual strengthening of dollar in relation to yen has led to fall of an index of the Tokyo stock exchange at the auctions on Thursday.
At stock exchange of Hong Kong trading day has ended with index increase thanks to strengthening of the market of futures. However investors did not show the special activity, disappointed with results of the state ground auction.
at stock exchange of Sydney of stock quote have raised after the promise of head of the Federal reserve of the USA not to raise in the near future bank rates.