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Fire in management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow

Experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia about fires

According to Central administrative board of the state fire service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, last year in Russia has occurred 325 189 fires (from them 171 large) are on 2,6 % less, than in 1993 On fire and a smoke 15 710 persons were lost, and 12 thousand more have got wounds and burns. Fire has destroyed 71 thousand buildings and structures, and also 5 thousand cars. The damage from fires has exceeded 2,5 trillion rbl.
More often fires arose in apartments and private houses (over 209 thousand). Administrative and industrial buildings burnt 24 thousand times. Over 7 thousand fires has occurred on under construction objects. Has burnt down about 3 thousand warehouses, bases and shops.
overwhelming majority of fires (139 thousand) Has occurred from - for casual handling of fire. 67 thousand ignitions - result of use of faulty electrodevices and teleradio equipment. As a result of arsons has occurred from above 23 - h fires. Pranks of children with fire have led to 3 thousand ignitions.