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The share market of the Russian emitters

At the day auctions by demand securities at the Central Russian universal stock exchange some increase of quotations which has not concerned only actions MMM which has remained at level below the nominal has been noted. Shares of company " have most considerably risen in price; Vimm - the Bill - Dann - almost to 20000 roubles that quite justifies the assumption of exchange experts of forthcoming prompt growth of their quotations. Actions " have risen in price also; Khoper - the Guarantor having exceeded level of 5000 roubles. Besides, on this exchange platform the transaction with privatisation checks which have been realised on 3700 roubles in number of 11 pieces again has been noted.
the yesterday`s auctions by securities on Russian commodity - a raw stock exchange, unfortunately, have not brought a great number of the concluded transactions. In total through a stock exchange board have passed three transactions, and all with actions the Automobile standard Which have been as a result realised on 37000 roubles in number of 6160 pieces.
at auction of the Tyumen regional share centre three transactions with securities, including with joint-stock company actions " have been registered; Nojabrskneftegaz (face value - 200 roubles) at the rate of 8400 roubles, Zapsibgazproma (face value - 1000 roubles) at the rate of 500 roubles and factory the Geothrone (face value - 100 roubles) on 8400 roubles. Among not found demand of papers there were joint-stock company share holdings Nizhnevartovskneftegaz (13000 pieces at the price of the demand of $18; face value - 1000 roubles), joint-stock company Kondpetroleum (3000 pieces on $7,5; face value - 100 roubles), and also joint-stock company Nojabrskneftegaz (2700 pieces on 26000 roubles) that is not surprising, as average market price of these papers was defined yesterday around 13000 roubles.
the Ekaterinburg brokers have concluded yesterday one bargain with actions of Uralpromstrojbanka (face value - 1000 roubles) in which result 200 papers at the rate of 4000 roubles have been realised.