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The prices of the world markets for energy carriers

Dealers are assured of the light future

past week attention of dealers by crude oil and analysts, apparently, has definitively concentrated on trade platforms the cash goods. The statistical data published by the American oil institute (American Petroleum Institute) which have fixed new falling of stocks of oil and oil products to the USA and some decrease in volumes of output and processing of crude oil in the USA were the primary factors of influence supporting the high prices for crude oil, first of all brent - a mix and the Ural oil (about a situation in the market of the Ural oil the material see the same page). Also appreciable growth of consumption of oil and oil products in the Far East (first of all, in China) Besides, has remained.
However, and falling of stocks of oil, and decrease in volumes of output were not something outstanding. Making comments under the request on the situation which has developed for last five days in the market of crude oil, one of the London experts has noticed that the market gradually passes by the period of relative stability - now there are no signs of occurrence of any destabilising news which would not be already counted and considered by dealers. it is rather pleasant moment. To play begins easier, and, means, and it is more favourable - the expert has noticed.
absence of sensations in the oil market has forced analysts to pay attention to news which during other time would not receive special illumination. In particular, observers have discussed the message which has arrived in the middle of week of the Cuban authorities on intention to increase volumes of output of oil and to extract this year at least 1,4 million tons, that is on 100 thousand tons more than last year. These plans have been announced, as has informed Reuter referring to the Havana newspaper Trabajadores, during meeting in the ministry of the industry of Cuba. Experts, however, were sceptical about possibility of increase in volumes of oil recovery: impressive enough capital investments, which at Cuba, probably, no are for this purpose necessary.
the information of the Vietnamese news agency on plans of Vietnam to increase oil volumes of output this year on 10 % to 7,7 million tons began the Second news which has unexpectedly become by object of attention of experts. It is quite natural that both these messages cannot render any real influence on the world market, however, according to experts, they are quite capable to stir interest of some large oil companies to Cuba and Vietnam.