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The Iranian terrorists

With Iranians are given out Russian court

the Norwegian law enforcement bodies at last will to understand Yesterday - that have transferred to the Russian authorities of three inhabitants of Iran which in September, 1993 have skyjacked to Norway the passenger plane They be 134 airlines Aeroflot - the Russian airlines . The decision on delivery of terrorists after numerous petitions of the Russian side was accepted the Supreme court of Norway.

on September, 15th, 1993 the plane They be 154, following flight of Baku - Perm, has been grasped by three Iranian terrorists. Onboard, except 6 crewmen, there were 45 passengers. Criminals have demanded from air liner crew to change a course and to go to Norway, in an opposite case they have threatened to blow up the plane.
at the Kiev international airport Borispol After long ineffectual negotiations They be 134 has been refuelled, then has headed for Norway. After some hours the plane has landed at airport Gardermoen near Oslo. In five hours after landing criminals have surrendered to the Norwegian authorities, having asked a political asylum (at the airport Borispol they declared themselves the Islamic fundamentalists sympathising movement Hezbollah ) .
Right after the Russian side has demanded delivery of terrorists from the Norwegian authorities of delivery of extremists. Hardly less than one and a half years proceeding lasted, and all - taki the Norwegian court has decided to give out car thieves to the Russian law enforcement bodies. As reported by Interfax to the Norwegian lawyers has been refused possibility to accompany car thieves on the ground that the Russian side is ready to render them of service of own lawyers.