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Investigation of activity Microsoft: on the second circle
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  Investigation of activity Microsoft: on the second circle
Competitors Microsoft Corp. Can rejoice. The federal judge responsible for control over negotiations of the company with the Ministry of Justice of the USA, has refused to confirm the extrajudicial agreement of the company with the ministry. Thus, investigation of activity Microsoft on charge in monopolism should be continued. However, both the firm, and the ministry, seemingly, intend to protest the decision of the judge, and their chances of success are high enough.

Many competitors of the world`s largest developer software roughly welcomed the decision of the federal judge Stanley Sporkina published on this week, refused to confirm a condition of the extrajudicial agreement of the Ministry of Justice of the USA with company Microsoft. However both participants of the agreement, seemingly, do not intend to refuse the reached arrangement and are going to continue struggle - this time in common.
investigation of activity Microsoft in the software market lasts about four years. Last years many companies - software developers complained time and again about monopoly position Microsoft in this market. In particular, being the developer of operating system MS - DOS and graphic cover Windows, this company, according to competitors, has concealed from them a part of the technical information concerning given systems. It, on belief of critics, allows Microsoft to develop more effective software, than competitors. In the antimonopoly services of the USA submitted to the address complaints competitors Microsoft complained also on unfair, in their opinion, conditions of granting of licences on MS - DOS - the software product most sold in the world.
in July of last year prolonged investigation of activity of firm, appear, has come to the end. Microsoft has entered into special agreements with the Ministry of Justice of the USA and the European bodies on supervision of a competition. Antimonopoly bodies of the USA and the Western Europe have obliged firm to modify system of granting of licences for products Microsoft. Throughout the subsequent six and a half years (period of validity of the reached agreement) antimonopoly services should observe of business activity of the company.
However, under the statement of head Microsoft of Bill Gates, the agreement on contains essential restrictions of activity of the company and should not render influence on financial results of its work.
judge Sporkin has counted conditions of an extrajudicial resolution of dispute too favorable for Microsoft, and has expressed in favour of more rigid actions concerning the company. As the judge has declared, offered conditions of the agreement do not correspond to interests of a society .
In the message to the assistant to the General public prosecutor g - Ann Bindzhemen supervising antitrestovskimi investigations of the ministry, g - n Sporkin angrily declares: During hearings there is an impression that the government of the USA either is not capable, or does not wish to struggle effectively with potential threat to economic well-being of the nation .
In 45 - the page decision, the announced ambassador of long hearings on business, the judge insists on new investigation of activity of the company by the ministry and more rigid restriction of activity Microsoft. g - n Sporkin has appointed a new meeting of the parties to March, 16th.
the Ministry of Justice of the USA this week declared the protest against the decision of the judge. According to The Wall Street Journal Europe, corporation Microsoft intends to protest also. The western press informs that this week general adviser Microsoft William Njukom not less than two times discussed participatory action plans with Ann Bindzhemen. Their most probable step in the near future - appeal giving.
according to many experts on antitrestovskomu to the legislation, it is probable enough that the appeal court will support Microsoft and the Ministry of Justice. Experts notice that according to the American laws of the judge cannot solve a question on, whether the offered method of the decision of dispute is adequate to illegal acts, on suspicion in which made investigation state structures.
the decision of judge Sporkina cannot have immediate influence on extrajudicial arrangement Microsoft with the Commission of the European union. The European agreement similar on conditions with American, does not demand the additional legal statement and has already come into force.
however some analysts foretell that at adverse for firm a conflict outcome the European competitors Microsoft can find a new occasion to excitation of claims in the USA against the company through EU structures.

In China programs steal more often, than in Russia
Software Publishers Assosiation (SPA) - the world organisation uniting firms - software developers for personal computers, asserts that the damage to this kind of business from piracy trade software in Russia, China and Thailand has made last year $328 million

special memorandum SPA Made about it has directed to official bodies of the United States on control over trade, thus having complained to America of Russia, China and Thailand.
according to association, today these three countries are most unsuccessful in sense of a computer piracy - in them a share kradennogo business - matobespechenija exceeds 90 % in spite of the fact that in all three states laws on copyrights operate.
according to SPA, 98 % sold in China last year matobespechenija for business were piracy. The damage put in China to foreign manufacturers matobespechenija, has made $159 million On the second place in black list SPA there is Russia where the share piracy matobespechenija for business, according to this organisation, has made 95 % (a damage estimation - $117 million). For Thailand corresponding figures make 92 % and $52 million
Some years ago the Russian press with the big enthusiasm has met adoption of law about protection of copyrights to software products. It was expected that now - that computer piracy in Russia will be essentially pressed.
however, chief executive SPA Ken Uosh has noted in the memorandum, the data obtained by the organisation visually shows that adoption of law about protection of copyrights is only the first step on a way to legal use matobespechenija.

Novell - Germany rejoices to successes
Company Novell GmbH representing to Germany interests of American corporation Novell Corp. - The world`s largest developer of system programs for computer networks, has informed that in the expired financial year (on October, 31st, 1994) Its turn has sharply increased in Germany. Acquisition of company Word Perfect, the developer of the word-processor with the same name, has allowed Novell Corp. To achieve growth of sales in Germany on 21 % - to DM212 million Now, according to Novell, the park of personal computers of Germany has reached 10,2 million pieces 4,6 million from which work in computer networks. Share Novell in the German market of networks, according to newspaper Die Welt, is estimated in 66 %.

3Com breaks silence plot
As a rule, the large western companies do not like to inform, who from distributors gets at them more equipment, who - less. Managers of firms - manufacturers answer importunate questions of journalists like tender mothers whom all their children - irrespective of the fact which successes they have achieved road in life.
nevertheless last week silence plot was broken by the American company 3Com - one of the largest manufacturers of the equipment for computer networks. The area manager 3Com in the CIS countries Nevil Vinstent officially declared that 38 % of total amount of sales in the CIS in the second half of the year 1994 are necessary on company IBS share - the system distributor 3Com.

The Times known British newspaper The Times struggles for the right to an English pronunciation
last week has acted as the furious defender of English culture and language. In specially published big review the newspaper has expressed a regret that the system of computer recognition of the voice, developed by laboratory AT &T Bell (USA) does not assort the British accent, and understands only the American.

the American system of computer recognition of the voice, developed by laboratory AT &T Bell - really the miracle of modern technology, from grief shares marks The Times. It will necessarily come to the rescue of the subscriber - if only that does not appear the native of British isles. The computers equipped with similar system, find wide application in the USA and at the same time are means of refined discrimination of Englishmen.
if the British accent is too strong, the car hardly probable will disassemble words, especially, such difficult, as ` the operator `, for example, - recognises the Bean Ford, representative AT &T Bell Laboratories.
System of computer recognition of the voice, developed by the company from Nju - Jersey, answers questions which would demand participation of the operator earlier. The recorded voice asks subscribers how they are going to pay for conversation, accompanying a question the instruction: Please, tell ` a telephone card `, ` personally ` or ` the operator ` . However the client - to the Englishman should repeat a word the operator some times, and trying to say this word on American manners - something like aa - berador .
Representatives of company AT &T, developed system three years ago and selling its variants to local telephone exchanges, say that for creation average the model of a voice it had to write down thousand different voices. Last year by means of system of the automatic answer it has been processed more than billion phone calls, and the success percent has exceeded 90 %.
the Bean Ford has declared that the system has initially been calculated on the American market, here again there`s nothing to be done. As cold comfort for Englishmen that chilled or kartavyj the American too can be not understood can serve. And, certainly, that experts of the company work over system improvement.