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Anniversary of amnesty

Gekachepisty did not mark anniversary of amnesty

Yesterday year was executed from the moment of the announcement by the Duma of political amnesty. Almost anybody from members GKCHP and participants of events of October 93 - go has not left a political path and continues to struggle for the light future the people. Amnesty has reduced in the opinion of the public two groups of opponents of Yeltsin in a single whole. And in it there is a reason: sitting rjadkom and friendly exchanging words on the Chechen hearings Hasbulatov, Rutsky and Hooks not simply picture is a symbol. Recognising that there are things about which it is not necessary to forget, has decided to tell about the former prisoners are engaged today in what.

Unlike sitting in Stalin prisons in one chamber of anarchists and esdekov, convinced lenintsev and anticommunists, gekachepisty and oktjabristy meet in prison could not. When one have sat down, others already were free. Therefore, possibly, they also have concerned on - to a miscellaneous February, 23rd. Participants of August events did not mark anniversary of amnesty - this day means for them very little: all of them left prison long before it (the first Oleg Shenin - in October, 1992, the others - after couple of months). That is why yesterday in the morning they congratulated each other only on Day of the Soviet army and Military - Marine sea fleet. Oktjabristy day of amnesty concern more quiveringly - she has allowed them to leave prison, and, according to Ilya Konstantinova, in the bosom of the family it is necessary to note this small holiday.
There are also other differences: the former prisoners Sailor`s silence are connected among themselves more closely, than sideltsy Lefortovo . The majority gekachepistov the most friendly relations maintain. Oleg Shenin, for example, very closely communicates with Vladimir Krjuchkovym, Oleg Baklanovym (which recently aches a bit), Alexander Tizjakovym.
we will not forget and that gekachepisty is a little more senior oktjabristov that is why them unite also problems with health. Badly feel Janaev and Cormorants. JAzov, lost recently mother and the son, has not recovered yet from a shock. At Valentine Pavlova (by the way, he unique of gekachepistov any more does not consider itself(himself) as the communist) a problem with pressure. Before a holiday has got to hospital Lukjanov. Thus, truth, Janaev came on III congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Cormorants, according to Shenina, participates practically in all party actions, Hooks constantly works in executive committee SPK - the CPSU. But Shenin is most politically active. It is interesting that it carries till now itself(himself) to working class (as proof Shenin has informed the correspondent that in day of a holiday has put on the same suit in which four years ago went on Political bureau sessions).
the Idea uniting gekachepistov, practically has not undergone changes: restoration of the Soviet power in all territory of the USSR. The concept of the future state gekachepisty develop in club Substantial unity under the direction of Sergey Kurginjana. Sessions pass time in two weeks, on them there are also oppositionists of the second wave Valery Zorkin and the former vice-president VS of Russia Yury Voronin.
Anybody from members GKCHP does not regret for the past: as has declared to correspondent Krjuchkov, he is sorry only about one - that too long hoped that Gorbachev will regain control over situation. To eks - to the president of the USSR the relation at all identical: SHenin names its rascal, and Pavels - the traitor. Pavels, however, it is beaten out from a general series gekachepistov. To participate in party work to it disturbs not only health: as the market expert, the former prime minister does not divide communistic belief of the companions.
between oktjabristami relations are more rigid, as everyone considers another guilty of a failure of struggle with a mode . According to Konstantinova, there are they only on official actions and on seagulls to each other do not come. But in past estimations the former prisoners are close enough. Special hopes old guards assigns to Alexander Rutsky and it Power . According to Shenina, idea Powers almost coincide with ideas SKP - the CPSU, and Hooks considers that Rutsky has already understood, how it was not right in estimations of August 91 - go. From oktjabristov From political arena Barannikov and Dunaev have left only - speak, they communicate with Hasbulatovym and Rutsky, but in any actions do not participate. By the way, business about bribery generals and their wives till now it is not closed. As well as business about an attack of group of Stanislav Terekhov on Staff OVS the CIS on the Leningrad highway. It, however, does not prevent to participate to the father of the Union of officers in political strike: yesterday it supervised over procession of demonstrators on Tver; in the same place there were also many members GKCHP.