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the Best sportsman of Petersburg has been beaten by drunk hooligans

The day before yesterday in the evening the world champion on handball, the player of the Petersburg club " is discharged from hospital; Neva Dmitry Torgovanov. In the evening on February, 18th it have cruelly beaten and have plundered in cafe Holsten located nearby to Palace Square in Petersburg. As it became known to the correspondent, Torgovanov, last year recognised as the best sportsman of Petersburg, had supper in cafe in the company of the wife and the friend. Unexpectedly five young men have approached to their little table and have demanded from the sportsman to pay their order. Having been refused, they have snatched on the handballer and its friend, have beaten and, having selected at them money, have jumped out on street. Here the attacking have made some shots from pistols in parked near cafe the Zhiguli Torgovanova then have disappeared. Any of visitors Holsten not only has not come to the rescue beaten, but at all has not caused militia. Torgovanovu it was necessary to reach to 1 - go police stations most, whence it about two o`clock in the morning has been taken to hospital. Physicians ascertained a brain concussion at the sportsman and have imposed some seams (friend Torgovanova has suffered less and for the help to doctors did not address) on his face. The day before yesterday the handballer was discharged from hospital. Investigatory management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg has brought upon an attack on the sportsman criminal case under item 145 UK Russia (robbery). Workers of law enforcement bodies have no the data that the sportsman was engaged in any business or has been connected with criminal groupings. They consider that Torgovanov became a victim of drunk hooligans (considering circumstances of an event, this version looks not too convincingly).

In Primorski Krai especially dangerous recidivists
Employees UUR the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Territory are detained have detained yesterday the inter-regional criminal grouping consisting of especially dangerous recidivists. According to the chief seaside UUR Victor Gavrilova, on the gang account - explosion in the Find in December, 1993 in which result three persons were lost also four more was got by wounds. And in Moscow criminals have made murder of the large businessman. At arrest some pistols, pomegranates and an explosive considerable quantity are withdrawn from them. More detailed data about a gang and operation on its capture in the interests of the investigation are not disclosed yet.

the Ukrainian criminalists will help the Crimean colleagues
To Crimea there has arrived group of criminalists led by the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Valery Tchernyshov. Into it enters 200 persons representing nine areas of republic. On taken place on Thursday the press - conferences of the deputy minister has explained that has arrived for rendering to the Crimean colleagues of the help in investigation of the grave crimes which have become frequent on peninsula, including custom-made murders. On a press - to conference it has been declared that from the beginning of year in Crimea nine objects, belonging to commercial structures have been blown up. For the same period on 78 persons there have been killed, ten are wounded. 13 murders are qualified as custom-made. Law enforcement bodies of Crimea reveal 101 criminal grouping, from them - 16 large.

in Belarus the channel of illegal emigration
In Oshmjansky area of the Grodno area by separate service of active actions (WASPS) of frontier troops of Belarus is blocked the international criminal grouping which was engaged in an illegal transportation of emigrants through border is detained. With polichnym nine criminals - citizens of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and also Libya, Jordan and Afghanistan are taken. It is detained as well 61 persons, trying with their help it is illegal to pass through border, to reach the Latvian port Klaipeda, and therefrom to be forwarded to Sweden. It is established that all illegal immigrants, mainly citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Shri - Lanki and Iraq, have paid to conductors for services from 2 to $2,5 thousand

In Poland the large consignment of drugs
Considerable cargo of drugs is grasped customs officers of the Warsaw airport " have intercepted on Tuesday evening; Okenche . More than 6 kg of heroin in cost in some millions dollars have been hidden in a double bottom of a road bag. The smuggler detained by customs officers on which nationality it is not informed, has arrived to Warsaw from Vietnam through Moscow. Further he intended to go by train to Amsterdam. As informs airport customs office, cargo of drugs the Polish customs officers have found out independently, without navodki their foreign colleagues. During the current year it is the largest party of illicit drugs intercepted not of territory of Poland.

revolts in the African prisons
Under the informal data, about hundred persons have been killed on Wednesday in Algeria at revolt suppression in prison Serkadzhi where the Islamic fundamentalists accused of crimes against state security contain. The Algerian safety force took prison storm. In the communique of the Ministry of Justice of Algeria the exact death toll at carrying out of this action is not underlined. In it it is only informed that the rebelled prisoners have killed four security guards of prison, and a five more have wounded. And in the night from Wednesday to Thursday revolt has flashed in one of prisons of the republics of South Africa located near of a city Port - Elizabeth. About 30 prisoners dramatized fight and have attacked protection when she has tried to put things in order. One of employees of internal service has received a heavy gunshot wound, another is taken in hostages. According to the representative of the ministry of correctional facilities of the republic of South Africa of the major of the Field dju Plessi, criminals demand immediate clearing. They are armed at least by 3 pistols and several manual pomegranates which threaten to put on use if their ultimatum is not executed. The prison is surrounded by police and the divisions of a special purpose thrown by helicopters. The administration tries to begin negotiations with the rebelled criminals, however its attempts have not crowned yet success. For incident settlement - Elizabeths have arrived to Port representatives of the African national congress and the Panafrikansky congress.

an apricot has lost 102 million
Yesterday employees of Department of Internal Affairs Severo - the Western administrative district of Moscow have filed criminal charges upon an attack on the cashier of the trading house the Apricot . As employees of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have told, in militia the director of firm who has told about event details has addressed. Overnight the cashier left a building of the trading house. In hands at it was the diplomat in which were belonging to firm of 102 million roubles. The security guard with the cashier was not. About an exit two unknown persons who have snatched out from hands of the taken aback cashier a case with money have run up to it and have disappeared. In a city the militian plan " has been installed; the Siren - 1 (patrol of roads amplifies and territories adjoining to a scene are combed), however it has not brought results.

extortioners were not satisfied with a foreign car...
the Next group of extortioners was detained by employees of the Moscow regional government on the organised crime. On February, 17th in militia the idle inhabitant of capital who has informed has addressed that unknown Caucasians, threatening with murder, extort from it $20 thousand Besides, the applicant has told, they have already taken away from it Audi car - 80. Have detained extortioners the day before yesterday in the evening about the house #46 in the Lithuanian parkway. Four members of so-called Dagestan criminal grouping have appeared them.

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