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Film premiere on TV

the Newcomer from space has found itself on the London dustbin

Today on NTV the film of English director Nicolas Rafa " will be shown; the Person who has fallen to the ground removed in 1976. Though it did not use a tremendous success, but ljubopytenn already because in it on the screen for the first time there was David Bowie - one of the most interesting musicians for all history fate - n - a beater.

David Bowie`s Musical career (the real name - Johns) has begun with creative crisis. Its first disk which has left in the end of 1960 - h years, has come to grief: the market gramzapisej and so has been jam-packed by verses about a zen - the Buddhism accompanied by unostentatious accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. The young vegetarian and the opponent of violence has got drunk, has arranged small uproar and has understood that time demands other philosophy and other songs. As musical ideas at it sufficed wholly - there was them correctly a tax.
Bowie asserts that on thought to invent Glamour - a new direction in fate - music - have guided its childhood memories. He lived in artistic quarter of London, in the street, full of masterful fashionable fashion designers. Their owners concerned own clothes with the big trembling: the button has come off or the cuff - in a garbage tank was slightly soiled. Neighbouring boys were the most stylish dandies in a city - it was necessary to rummage better only in a dustbin, and fans could change daily dresses from fashionable couturiers. And Bowie has decided to become the person - a chameleon: today he stepped on the stage in a suit of the gentleman, tomorrow - in a silk dress and a make-up travesti.
Music was arranged by the same principle of a cocktail and when the gentle acoustic ballad was replaced by a hard - fate, and in twilight of a scene of Bowie included a red bulb in the artificial eye, estetstvujushchie visitors of the London clubs jumped from delight. However, admirers became more and more - monotonous rhythms of psychodelic music to public fairly podnadoeli. And here still Bowie has cynically declared: the Fate - n - a beater is dead, she is the toothless old lady... already for one such aphorism the international status the fate - an idol to it has been provided.
the world glory has come to Bowie in the beginning 1970 - h when there was its plate with magnificent and intricate, as itself Glamour, the name: History of launch and falling of Ziggi by a nickname the Star Dust and Martian spiders . It was meeting of really interesting songs united by a uniform plot and telling about loneliness of the artist - the newcomer from space in the world of inhabitants - earth dwellers: Bowie has remembered to public the failure in a field of the bard - the Buddhist. Each following disk of the singer automatically became platinum.
however to paint Bowie`s musical talents of sense has no; to tell enough that to some extent such celebrities, as Mark Bolan, Lu Read, Elton John and Elis Cooper became its followers. And at various times such talented musicians willingly co-operated with it, as Rik Uejkman, Robert Fripp and Mik Jagger.
Bowies could not ignore and cinematographers as it possesses doubtless artistic gift and a brilliant plasticity. For cinema of the singer its compatriot Nicolas Raf has opened. He has become interested for a long time fate - in music and has persuaded Bowie to act in film in one of the films. A tape the Person who has fallen to the ground (1975) it is removed partially on a material all the same Ziggi from Mars - in the middle of 1970 - h memory of this plate was still fresh. The film debut of the singer has appeared, unlike musical, successful - it began to remove much and willingly. Among its most known works - roles in Hunger Tony Scott and Happy Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Nagisy Osimy.