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The financial help of the USA to Mexico

Whose rich gorshe will begin to cry, still a question

the Agreement on allocation of the USA of a package of the urgent help in $20 mlrd, signed by the Minister of Finance of the USA Robert Rubinom and its Mexican colleague Guillermo Ortisom, for the majority of the Mexican population had effect of a delayed-action bomb. Local rich was have rejoiced, but soon if have not begun to cry, have hit in apocalyptic forecasts: a pier, money will sink in bank black holes and payments under loans promise in the future still the big financial difficulties, rather than now. The Mexican poor have a presentiment that the belt should be tightened still tuzhe, and are distressed that the native land have sold . Professionals believe that president Ernesto Sedilo, having resorted to the help of the USA and the international financial organisations, has made is unique a true and timely step.

on them for the sum of $3 mlrd Mexico will receive the First loans and guarantees from the USA immediately, $7 more mlrd - within the next 4 months. The second part of the credit will arrive in the order of the Mexican government stage by stage since July of this year. The generosity of the USA is completely not disinterested: the American firms connected with the Mexican market by the agreement on the North American zone of free trade (NAFTA), as a result of the financial crisis which has shaken economy of the small neighbour in the end of the last year, had huge losses. Mexico - the second-large trading partner of the USA, in its economy it is carried out more half of direct investments of Americans.
control of the USA over the Mexican export of oil became the main condition of granting of the credit. The American companies will direct a payment for oil not to Mexico, and on the deposit in Federal reserve system of the USA. And only then the American Central Bank Will begin their transfer to Mexico - in process of receipts therefrom payments on credit service. If payments stop, also money for oil will depart to Federal reserve system - on account of debt repayment. The agreement on a loan stipulates both rigid monetary and a tax policy of the Mexican government - under vigilant control of the USA, that to guarantee an exit of national economy from crisis . The American credit allocated under the decree of Clinton from federal funds (extreme stabilisation fund) and bypassing the congress, - a part of a package of the help to Mexico, pulling more than on $50 billion Except Washington in respect of rescue of Mexico is involved the IMF, already obliged to allocate the unprecedented credit on volume in $17 mlrd (and more than $7 mlrd - immediately). And Clinton counts on active interaction with Europe: on its share, by its calculations, it is necessary $10 billion Europeans from such honorary duties not in delight. Moreover, in the Old World shy voices are already distributed, what supposedly in Mexico there is a war with separatists (than not the Chechen Republic?) That is why it is necessary to analyse at first, whether the rights of the peace population are broken there, and already then to think of a relief aid.
world community support should encourage the Mexican businessmen, having supported them on a difficult way of an overcoming the crisis: where it is more favourable than a condition of payments on almost single and long-term loans short-term to which Mexico all the same would resort, there will be no good will of the USA. And the first reaction of the business world of Mexico was quite positive: peso even a little potjazhelel. But, having thought, some analysts have begun to wail: hopes of fast lifting of the Mexican economy are illusive. Evil tongues say that Sedilo, having connected itself so monstrous promissory notes on scales, has signed to itself the political death sentence. The Mexican experts remember burdens of the debt crisis which has burst in Mexico in the beginning 80 - h (then the prices for oil have sharply fallen): the foreign capital has for a long time left the country. However, which - that they do not finish speaking: the foreign capital has left not so much from - for crisis, how many from - that Mexico in 1982 has declared bankruptcy, and the IMF has written off its debts to commercial banks. It also has undermined trust of private investors. Those, however, and now not in delight, including the American: there is a fear that official creditors in case of default by Mexico of obligations on payments will have the priority right to return the. So both parties - both Washington, and Mexico City risk. But Mexico nevertheless in the best position: if something happens it will be possible to cry again on a shoulder at IMF - and suddenly again debts will write off...