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Reorganisation on 1 channel Ostankino

Meeting of shareholders of Public Russian television (ORT) should take place in a weekend. Hardly probable it will throw light on the changes, expecting Ostankino . Details keep in a strict secret. However, the data, at the disposal, allows to make some forecasts concerning the maintenance of expected reforms. As soon as the official decision will be made public, readers can judge, how much these assumptions have justified. The correspondent NATALIA - OSIPOV makes comments.

Look, who has come
Necessity aktsionirovanija 1 - go the channel Ostankino recognised all. However to believe that it will be carried out it was difficult, it was much easier to believe that the president will unite two channels in one - at all obvious unreasonableness of such step it there was a possible variant. Interests of the structures already existing on TV, would be then are mentioned to a lesser degree. However, as one would expect, hearings about association remained hearings, and on November, 30th the president has signed the decree about floating of a joint-stock company ORT where the controlling interest (51 %) belongs to the state. According to Alexander Jakovleva, among shareholders then Inkombank, banks " appeared also; Menatep Capital Roskredit and also Aeroflot - the Russian international airlines ITAR - TASS, Autovases the Television centre. Now the structure of shareholders has changed - from the list Inkombank has disappeared, but has appeared Gazprom .
Representative Inkombanka has explained that the bank temporarily abstains from final decision acceptance on participation in aktsionirovanii Ostankino. the Main reason is that: To in advance certain term expiring in first half of February, the company has not presented in Inkombank business - the plan, the announcement concept. Negotiations about participation in aktsionirovanii were conducted last year, and figures were requested then. The bank would like to specify, on what to it means suggest to spend.
on February, 1st the new company Public Russian television should begin an announcement. However process of its creation was tightened, and the first appointment has taken place only in January. Then the name of the general director of ORT - Vladislav Listev became known.

the state wants to supervise television, but does not want to pay for all
the Question of financing of two state television channels for a long time was painful and did not dare essentially - in the conditions of exclusive rise in prices for services of the Ministry of Communications the budget could not sustain expenses on signal payment (the basic part of expenses of broadcasting companies). But also it not the most important - eventually the government would oblige Ministry of Communications to serve a broadcasting company.
it was impossible to suffer further quality of programs Ostankino . On the threshold of elections professional cares of TV men of ratings and quality of programs of a steel and cares of the government - what televiewer begins to look politized and simultaneously oversaturated advertising the channel when it had a choice - bolshy at the capital spectator, smaller at provincial?. Though ratings prime - time Ostankino remained stable (in many cities, for example, ratings of information programs Ostankino advance program ratings Today ) After 21. 1 - j the channel does not keep 40 spectator audience. An evening aether Ostankino instead of films broadcasts the programs explaining the governmental point of view, - First-hand Behind the Kremlin wall Nota Bene .
For this reason process was long and difficult. The initial structure of founders and shareholders suited not all. It was necessary to convince long Victor Tchernomyrdin that aktsionirovanie 1 - go the channel does not contradict the state interests. One of powerful arguments in advantage aktsionirovaniju - budgetary expenses on 1 - j the channel will not increase.
the state interests on 1 - m the channel are protected strongly - the chairman of a board of guardians - Boris Yeltsin, as a part of council - Vladimir Shumejko, Ivan Rybkin and Anatoly Chubays. The board of directors included Alexander Jakovlev, Valery Gorokhov (the director of the television technical centre), Vitaly Ignatenko (head ITAR - TASS), the president of National fund of sports Shamil Tarpischev. It is obvious that high government officials will directly not be engaged in channel reforming. Nevertheless, it is known that the State Property Committee participated in work not only as the formal holder of the state share holding. A press - Anatoly Chubays`s secretary and its authorised representative Arcady Evstafev - one of important characters of board of directors.

officials are replaced by producers and on the contrary
Obviously that for realisation of the similar grandiose project it was necessary, that vectors raznodejstvujushchih forces have coincided. But someone should act as the initiator. In the list of shareholders the Association of independent broadcasting companies which includes the companies the KIND, ATV, Ren TV appears; AMIK Alexander Maslyakov`s (KVN), Game Vladimir Voroshilov and an Unix Yury Nikolaeva will enter in ANT in the near future. ANT - structure formal enough, created that at a certain stage joint efforts to defend interests of independent broadcasting companies. Three most powerful companies - the KIND, ATV, Ren TV - have the strongest positions on 1 - m the channel Ostankino and, it is natural that initiators aktsionirovanija - from their number. In television circles say that there is a person without whom it is all could not take place or would take place in other kind and during other time. He/she is the president of a broadcasting company of Ren TV Iren Lisnevsky - the director and the producer, one of the strongest figures in present ORT.
in 1993 Ren TV company has done Eldara Ryazanov`s pass with the president and interview to Nainoj Eltsinoj One day in a family of the president left on the eve of a referendum. Tell that interview to the president became possible thanks to that one of employees of the company studied together with Vyacheslav Kostikov. After so successful project at Lisnevsky there were good relations with an environment of the president.
good relations - a thing useful. And, certainly, the structure of shareholders - commercial structures was in many respects defined by them. For example, in connection with participation Menatepa in aktsionirovanii often mention Khodorkovsky and Chubays`s acquaintance. LogoVaz a having share holding in joint-stock company ORT has influenced a choice of a nominee of the general director of ORT. Realisation of this project - in the big degree Boris Berezovsky`s merit. It managed to make almost impossible - to unite interests of the commercial structures competing among themselves and having different political orientation.
Under some data, the interdiction for activity combination in ORT with activity in the commercial companies was the basic requirement to nominees. The candidate could not be chosen from number former ostankinskih heads. It is supposed that management formation will come to the end by a weekend.
it is known that other nominee which suited also Listeva as the president of the KIND was planned for a post of the director of ORT. But during the latest moment all has changed, and Leaves nevertheless has occupied main ostankinskoe an armchair, without being tired to repeat that it did not wish. All creative work concerns now sphere of its activity, for Alexander Jakovlevym, (which now combines three posts - the chairman of Federal Agency of tele-radio broadcasting, the chairman of a broadcasting company Ostankino and the chairman of board of directors of ORT), apparently, there will be a dialogue with state structures and definition of a political line. On change to generation of officials the generation of producers has come.

quality of programs will exceed their quantity
the First question which heads of the channel - improvement of quality of programs intend to solve. Transfers will be selected only on the basis of ratings. New programs will be considered only at a stage of pilot release - the project will not be considered and be accepted. However, if to consider that the channel is going to broadcast 24 hours a day, the necessary quantity of qualitative programs will find difficult.
the contract system will be general - judging by that the general director has concluded from ORT the contract for a year. Therefore many employees of the channel have bases to worry - in Ostankino persistently speak about 50 - percentage reduction. It is quite reasonable step, as own ostankinskie studios now close only 10 - 15 % of the announcement, all the rest is made by independent broadcasting companies. In Ostankino there are studios where two hundreds persons making hour of an announcement in week work. However if reduction takes place, it will gradually occur. After all among a new management of the channel the majority belongs, undoubtedly, not to revolutionaries, and evoljutsionistam - which, actually, only and are capable to arrange revolution.

the information will be independent - within the whole year
the Information announcement becomes ORT priority - the company is going to make information programs independently, all the others will be got. Budget money will go on maintenance of work of information programs.
structure ITA while remains without changes as to create for couple of months new edition of the information it is impossible. However heads of ORT consider that for company half a year it will be possible to create new information structure. And, certainly, influences of presidential circles on information programs hardly will manage to be avoided - though high heads promised not to interfere with work of ORT within a year. Commercial structures also are deprived possibility to influence the maintenance of information programs. A unique concession to them - occurrence of the political information program of Ren TV Versions . Sergey Dorenko who conducted " earlier; Details on RTV, will carry out the new project Versions on 1 - m the channel. However it not details and, especially, not results and only - versions .
Explaining, why commercial structures cannot influence considerably an information announcement, ORT management assures that if the private capital will try to set the fashion, the president and the Duma will close the channel. Which, by the way, cannot be considered now as the favourable enterprise as return will be appreciable only in some years. After all only investments in technics, not including other expenses, should be huge. Therefore, without having possibility to influence a political orientation of programs, the commercial structures which have put up money in ORT while work only on the future.

will cardinally change Should the person of the channel - that will change also that is called cover. Vladislav Listev insists On it: ORT will have a uniform style what is, for example, at NTV. It is said that the concept of a corporate style of ORT was developed by Andrey Voznesensky, and known director Yury Grymov undertakes its visual embodiment.

that expects strangers, that is spectators
Under the preliminary project of a grid of an announcement, morning hours will be occupied with the program Good morning - within all week. In the afternoon display of programs about national creativity, documentary serials, repetition of the best programs of overnight, programs for " is planned; socially not protected levels of population sports programs, news and films. The sports announcement and film display will be also priority for ORT. In prime - time display of the program of Vladislav Listeva " is planned; Rush hour (from Monday till Thursday), on Friday - the program Cross-country - fajr (cross interview), on Saturday approximately at this time - a feature film. On Sunday will leave Beau monde KVN or a comedy film. Ezhevecherne on week-days of ORT plans display of teleserials. At the program Time (in 21. 00) will appear strict 40 - a minute format (as at news programs CNN). Upon termination of there will be a qualitative film or an evening serial. Upon termination of a film - the program Versions Which will not have a strict broadcasting time - a unique exception of a grid. On Mondays, probably, there will be a program We Vladimir Pozner, the Press - club and also publicistic programs or programs about theatre. On Saturdays of ORT is going to show the Matador Konstantin Ernest (in one of Saturdays), Before and after or the Adam`s apple . After midnight will leave night entertaining and experimental programs. Almost for certain on 1 - j the channel will be passed also by some programs from other channels.

one independent have not won, others will lose
It seemed, independent broadcasting companies participating in ORT have certainly won. Iren Lisnevsky Vladislav Listev - the general director of ORT represents to ORT Association of independent broadcasting companies (ANT). However the situation is slightly more difficult. Broadcasting companies now it is not simple manufacturers - they founders of the company - the speaker. Hence, in - the first, they should incur expenses under the channel maintenance. In - the second, - to watch profitability of manufacture: now, that the program has bought ORT, it should be sold more cheaply, than earlier, or even next to cost. In - the third if ORT does not buy transfer, it is necessary to close some projects. It is known also that participants ANT had to close to 30 % of the programs which have not got to a grid of ORT. Thus, and independent broadcasting companies have not avoided financially - organizational difficulties. In this situation it is possible to expect the fast beginning of natural selection.

Ostankinsky studios too expect reforms which them hardly will rescue
Some of them will be transformed into joint-stock companies. Employees of studios become participants aktsionirovanija, possibly, - however this prospect causes bewilderment in many. Question not idle - that is possible aktsionirovat in studio where even chairs and rooms belong to the Television centre.
reforms have already begun - Alexander Jakovleva`s order from January, 6th, 1995 studio of film programs and studio literary - drama programs are merged in one and are named by studio Art . In practice it means that the studio of film programs does not exist any more. Some film cycles ( Actors and destinies the Century of cinema to Call live Film truth ) And display of the Russian serials have departed in studio conducting Art the basic film display will be engaged in ORT. The company intends to overcome the main lacks ostankinskogo film display - poor quality and an irregularity of transfers.
the director of studio Art Midhat Shilov (the former director of studio literary - drama programs) considers that the priority will be behind a domestic cinema. System introduction kvotirovanija, as in the European countries when the national cinema occupies from 55 to 70 % of display is possible. It is confirmed also with a grid - from Monday till Friday in the afternoon - the Hall of films of domestic film studios . to Art some programs about cinema, for example, " have departed also; the Film panorama struggle for which and against which Was sharp. Studio Art becoming now the manufacturer of programs, intend to sell them not only ORT, but also NTV and TV - 6. Under the authority of studio there are also programs about theatre, the literature, the fine arts. It means that programs hardly will qualitatively change. Though ORT, certainly, reserves the right to itself selection of programs proceeding from own criteria.

so. Incentive motives of changes obviously, two - impossibility to use present Ostankino as the high-grade political tool and economic imperfection: the former system of distribution of expenses and profit did not suit many and needed streamlining. However the global reorganisation will not occur. It was possible to find the compromise between interests of manufacturers of programs and interests of spectators. The first channel, possibly, will combine lines CBS and BBC - theatrical performances and films in a combination to politically correct news. On one of meetings of Iren Lisnevsky has called those who has left with 1 - go the channel because of organizational imperfection and creative disagreements, to return. It concerns first of all professionals for whom, at last - that, can come good time.