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KomiTEK refuses additional issue of actions

Komitek has decided to go on the way LUKOIL

Board of directors of the oil company Komitek has made yesterday the decision on release in the reference on stock market of the actions. However, an authorised capital stock Komitek remains former - 1,7 mlrd rbl. Simultaneously on board of directors the agreement with representatives of joint-stock company " has been reached; Kominefteprodukt about its occurrence in holding with loss of the independent legal status.

Recently round holding Komitek various hearings go. In particular, recently the message on increase in a share capital of the company to 5,25 trln roubles has been extended. However, as the vice-president " has informed; Komitek Anatoly Ilyin, it`s out of the question . By words g - on Ilyin, the company authorised capital stock remains former - 1,7 mlrd roubles.
However, primary placing of actions nevertheless will take place and it will be entrusted to known Swiss bank group Swiss - Bank Corporation which will define subsequently concrete terms of tendering. Actions face value of 10 roubles are supposed to be let out till the end of the first quarter (on the auctions it will be exposed about 18 % of actions).
Besides, on board of directors Komitek the basic agreement from joint-stock company " has been reached; Kominefteprodukt about its occurrence in holding. Thus Komineftprodukt it agree loss of the status of joint-stock company and the legal person though last word remains behind meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company.
it is obvious that in connection with property transition Komineftprodukta on balance Komiteka There is a situation with necessity of an exchange of actions of joint-stock company on the holding action (to similarly that is going to make LUKOIL ). Anatoly Ilyin has assured the correspondent that actions will exchange according to results of examination which while are not present that is why there is no basis to speak and about the converting mechanism.