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Publishing house Obscuri Viri is known first of all the publication Norms and the Novel Vladimir Sorokin. On the first page of the new book of publishing house these novels are backdating declared by left within the limits of a series the Hollow canon . The collection of records of performances of group the FRAME (Michael Ryklin - Anna Alchuk), executed in 1989 became the first legal book of a new series. EKATERINA - TAR makes comments.

a New series will present tradition texts in relation to which Sorokin`s novels are a tip of the iceberg - an aesthetics of the Moscow conceptual circle 70 - h - 80 - h years, articles and an essay, dialogues and comments, verses and prose. Sometimes verses artists wrote, prose - theorists, and, the main thing, borders between texts independent and island texts. did not exist. Any statement became the comment to another even without the interpretation announcement. This nowadays opened circle of authors has left a huge heritage with which there is in polemic almost all subsequent our art - and texts remain only oral legend. The intrashop term a hollow canon has defined destiny of this aesthetics, orthodoxy and which basic character remain empty unknown persons, potential.
publishing house Obscuri Viri has made a step simple and important - has started these texts to publish. However, not with Kabakova, not from volumes Trips for a city (records of actions of group Collective actions ) And from performances the FRAME, texts late and, possibly, not the most important things. However, is typical for this tradition that all later having more possibilities for reaction on early receives powerful odds. The name of this tradition - noma (the strange word directing at associations with ancient Egypt) - has been put forward on a decline of movement, a younger branch of its representatives, group Medical germenevtika . In nome time goes back, and from here other strangeness of the edition - that already left books are included in a series. For this tradition the estimation figure " is very important; backdating : old texts, products, actions were reconsidered usually so that their ignorance concerning the future turned to its prediction. And with a new layer of interpretation all accidents of the past grew to monumental inevitability.
Group the FRAME consisted of two persons - philosopher Michael Ryklina and his wife of poetess Anna Alchuk. Their performances, unlike classical Trips for a city were house and, besides, basically verbal - their strength were not collective actions and individual speeches . In these actions all occurs in speech. Its borders and sometimes illusiveness are bared. Here read aloud much and simply tell, and when promelkivajut any products of visual art, very few people pays attention to them. Moreover, for us today reading record of old dialogue, speech is means to see: gestures, actions and events which there and then have not been named aloud, remain to us are unknown - we we hear rough reaction gathered, but, yet we will not read the comment, we do not understand that the such was made by artist Lejderman. action Event Thus can remain empty - it is shown only in the subsequent interpretation.
in the action Turin - Turin devoted to century the Turin euphoria the going mad Fridriha Nitsshe, present should, on a plan of Ryklina, having heard to some texts (letters of Nitsshe, fragments of products de the Garden and Sorokin) to inflate balloons with uncertain and unpleasant contents (it has appeared, it were semidead small fishes). Though action it is obscured by needless details, its sense as it seems to me, consisted directed by limits for speech. Business was behind a festive table, but even a meal, as it is known, does not stop a speech stream so considerably, as operation of the breath. Minute pressure of lungs should paralyse a word and, in particular, critical ability (by the way, not all participants have agreed to inflate balls) and to generate some kind of body speech To what tells in the letter executed absurdity mad Nitsshe - performance has been framed by double reading of this strange text.
the action Aggression soft on the contrary, has been conceived as speech boundless - both participants (Ryklin and Andrey Monastyrsky invited by him) separately from each other should slander on the tape recorder anything you like during in advance certain intervals of time, leaving on a film blanks for answers another. Then both records were listened in parallel. It is amusing to see (to hear?) Reading record as Ryklin tries to feign dialogue and even to carry out a power principle, vstrevaja short remarks in emptiness while speech unknown to it Monastic. Monastic instantly as Gudini, escapes dialogue as speaks about what only about course of the minutes taken away to it and about, whether the microphone works. When it eventually tightens goes - goes - goes... its speech turns to a course of hours and becomes definitive it is imperceptible - Monastic here shows brilliant professionalism and neozabochennost value of an event (using its words).
to Read records of performances strange enough, but at the same time and it is delightful - the list of unnecessary details and the bureaucratic list of participants are delightful, as an outset of the detective novel. But also, it is aesthetically significant there is a distance meanwhile that has been conceived also by that has turned out - especially for those who did not worry these actions from within, but has possibility to observe of their course on book page, being is armed by knowledge of the ending.

Michael Ryklin, Anna Alchuk. The FRAME. Performances. A series the Hollow canon . podserija Nome . Obscuri Viri and Open Company THAT 1994