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The Ural oil in the world market

Riches of Russia will grow Siberia

Impressive growth of the world prices for the Russian oil was, it is possible to tell, is ignored by the international oil elite. Having decided to clear position, the correspondent has contacted leading dealers and consumers of the Russian oil in Europe. In these conversations it was found out that perhaps, never before prospects of the market of the Russian oil were not so are brilliant. It is necessary to use them only.

Long time the Russian oil (in Europe it is accepted to name it Ural - it is visible, from - behind a rack of hostility of Europeans to a word Siberia to the basic area of oil extracting), remained out of a field of attention of world experts. The reasons cool, and according to experts, rather unfair relation to destiny of one of the basic export goods of Russia always was enough. The basic - practical impossibility seriously to make comments or analyze trade in the Russian oil because of its (trade) of chamber and absolutely disorder character. And besides, as has noted one of the London brokers, there was such impression as if also to exporters it was absolutely not interesting that occurs to their goods after it has got on the world market.
and after all recently the Russian oil works wonders. When in the beginning of year rupture between the prices on Ural oil and cash brent - a mix in Europe for the first time for long time it began to be reduced promptly, experts could not find to it a distinct explanation and assured that it supposedly soon will pass . However very soon even otjavlennye sceptics were are compelled to reconcile that the prices for the Russian oil have caught up and have overtaken the prices on brent - a mix, and not only spotovye, but also on futures of the first position (the schedule see).
almost all interlocutors, making comments on position in the world market, noticed that the Russian oil - hardly probable not a unique grade, the price on which depends on a large quantity of factors, since bureaucratic and finishing actually market. According to James`s Volume, employee Credit Lyonnais Rouse Ltd. (By the way, the only thing from the interrogated experts, soglasivshegosja on the publication of the name, sharp reduction of deliveries to the world market of oil with the high maintenance of sulphur (which concerns, besides other, and the Russian oil) became the primary factor which has led to a prompt rise in prices. The countries of the OPEC aspiring to reception bolshej of profit on oil extracting at preservation of quotas established by them on extraction, systematically reduce a share vysokosernistyh (concerning cheap) grades in favour of easier grades. There is it against sharp growth of demand for heavy grades from the Asian consumers (China first of all is called) and certain interest to these grades from European neftepererabotchikov. Completely not last role that Europeans by any strange tradition always are afraid of not which destabilization of political life in Russia has played also.
all it also has led to that in January and February, 1995 dealers have sharply increased purchases of the Russian oil. Its prospects in the world market, according to all interlocutors, are even more grandiose. in the foreseeable future the prices for the Ural oil should be at least not below the prices on brent - a mix. It, of course, under condition of that in the market there will be nothing supernatural - has noticed one of the London dealers. According to other London expert, the Russian manufacturers can quite make sale of oil even more favourable to themselves. As soon as exporters will manage to overcome all complexities far from actually trade, Russia can effectively supervise pricing process by the most natural way - regulating volumes of deliveries.