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Alexander Gromov has left company LVS

the Manager many large firms will be engaged in rescue of drowning firms

For six years of existence of the new Russian market it appeared in a difficult situation (corresponding examples repeatedly resulted). Thus to take necessary lessons of crisis development their management is capable not always - the lack business - formations and unwillingness to undersign for own inconsistency affects. So there is a demand for services of independent advisers which as it always happens, generates the offer. Past Wednesday a top - the manager of large Moscow computer firm LVS Alexander Gromov officially declared it intention to leave - it will organise own firm which will advise the companies which have got to a difficult situation.

For last five years to Alexander Gromovu, had time to work on various posts in the several companies, time and again it was necessary to treat native firms. Now he has decided to be engaged in similar activity not as a part of any company, and as the invited adviser. Organised Thunderous firm Upstream Consulting specialises on type of service rather new to Russia - crisis - consulting . As this term it is understood not only rescue of the firms which have got to a trouble. Crisis consulting is also search of new ways of development of the company which have reached of a limit of possibilities within the limits of existing structure. Besides, according to experts, any firm of times in 3 - 5 years demand preventive treatment - to avoid crisis in the future.
work crisis - advisers, as a rule, includes two stages. In the beginning experts investigate the organisation of work and financial affairs of the firm which have invited them (it occupies about three months). Advisers give the companies the conclusion and recommendations, receiving for it the fixed fee. After that consulting - experts during 1 - 3 years watch changes occurring in firm, thus in it pay in advance stipulated percent from a turn gain. Quite good, but it is necessary to notice stimulus that professional advisers thus are almost always doomed to public obscurity. Their names, certainly, are known in circles but such glory what have received at various times saviours Whether Jakokka (Chrysler), Jack Uelch (General Electric) or Lu Gerstner (RJR - Nabisco - IBM), to it, obviously not to see. Whether somebody knows today names jajtsegolovyh assistants to Jakokki? However and they still have chance to make the way to popularity tops: The same Gerstner began the career by the professional adviser, and Jakokka acts in it role hitherto.
the Market crisis - consulting in the West exists already more than 25 years. Some known foreign firms offer similar services and in Russia. But, in opinion g - on Gromova, their recommendations and the general style of work are very far from the Russian reality. However it is interesting to notice that LVS, whence Thunders leaves to advise other firms, recently took to itself for work of two American managers (told about it), believing that the companies are necessary their knowledge.
however, and experience of the western corporations which have appeared in a difficult situation can be rather useful to the Russian companies. In staff of new firm besides Alexander Gromova - two more persons. One of them constantly works in the USA, and another - in Germany. The problem of these employees - to search in the western databases for the information on precedents, methods and results treatments Firms. Naturally, case records continuing to operate firms remain a trade secret. However the data posthumous audit the companies - the valuable information on how it is not necessary to arrive can give bankrupts a lot of. However, these received of - for data boundary still will demand from g - on Gromova of additional creative processing to derive from their benefit for the companies operating in the Russian conditions.
in the beginning at a meeting g - on Gromova with journalists there were heads of some known computer firms. However at occurrence of the press they have promptly left. With a bit sad humour g - n Thunders has compared the new work to hard work of the doctor - the sexopathologist - those who should address to it, prefer to keep incognito.