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The monopoly for gasoline in Petersburg

In a cradle of revolutions prepares new ekspropriatsija

last week management of the State committee on an antimonopoly policy across St.-Petersburg has started consideration of a situation with the company nefto - Kombi - the owner of a network of city gasoline stations. This decision is based on a monopoly position nefto - Kombi in the city market of the oil products, become by the reason of petrol crisis in December of last year (told about it). The committee intends to divide the company on some independent enterprises to prevent repetition of crises. However from the formal point of view to accuse of monopolism any of more than one and a half hundreds the Russian enterprises which are engaged in maintenance by oil products is possible; And that it has been made for the first time in St.-Petersburg, naturally contacts desire of city administration to force out from St.-Petersburg the oil company Surgutneftegaz which supervises nefto - Kombi . Quite probably that the Petersburg authorities were inspired by an example of their Moscow colleagues, however taking into account a difficult situation in this sphere in Moscow it is difficult to consider such example worthy imitations.

GKAP long since disliked the regional enterprises which are engaged in maintenance by oil products. This dislike has especially amplified, when it became clear that the oil complex of Russia will consist of the independent vertically integrated companies (VICK) which directly are not submitting in commercial activity to any state structure. Has shown the feelings GKAP half a year back, having suggested to select at VICK the regional marketing enterprises which have got to the companies according to the presidential decree #1403. Then this offer has not passed including because monopolism regional oil products it has appeared purely formal. Actually these structures provide at the best 2/ 3 requirements of the regions, and the realised goods not always belong to their own holdings. So their possibility to influence the regional market in volumes of deliveries and the prices is limited enough.
quite another matter, so far as concerns the guaranteed deliveries of fuel to structure of life-support of a city. This sector of the Petersburg market of oil products also has grasped the December crisis which has become by the reason of trials GKAP with nefto - Kombi . According to the chief of Petersburg management GKAP Oleg Kolomijchenko, a monopoly position nefto - Kombi in the market of St.-Petersburg promoted development of December crisis when absence of fuel at the firm gas station has led to a paralysis of all urban services: The companies infringement of article 5 of the law " is charged; About a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets which point 1 forbids actions of the managing subject occupying dominating position which have or can have the result essential restriction of a competition and (or) infringement of interests of other managing subjects or citizens .
In nefto - Kombi deny presence of malicious intention in faults with supply of a city by gasoline, asserting that at the company it was not simple money for payment of deliveries of the goods. It means that major customers of firm - the budgetary organisations - have suddenly ceased to pay for fuel. The situation not clear if to consider unique solvency of a city (conceding in Russia only to similar property of Moscow). However all to fall into place if to look at a problem on the other hand.
representatives Surgutneftegaz consider that in this case it is a question of rigid competitive struggle, and do not exclude that, inflating business nefto - Kombi in the mayoralty facilitate penetration on the market of the new company, Joint-Stock Company the Petersburg fuel company (PTK), - headed by the former chief severo - the western department Surgutneftegaz Herman Makarovym and created in September of last year.
in the centre of activity of the new company creation alternative to Surgutneftegaz systems of supply of a city oil products, and at lower prices. Any manager cannot resist a word combination the low prices as g - n Makarov has had time to show the enterprise, umudrjas to receive in rent a tank farm belonging to the Surgut company Streams - 80 % of all capacities serving a city. Apparently, the new company the most favoured nation treatment has been created.
as to GKAP, that, by words g - on Kolomijchenko, department whom he heads, is not the executor of will of the mayoralty as has own sight at a problem, and in the actions is guided only by the antimonopoly law. Thus, the committee has simply decided to use a situation in practice to justify the direct mission, the blessing a formal occasion always near at hand. Last week the Petersburg management of committee on own initiative has addressed in the special commission of the mayoralty of St.-Petersburg, created for investigation of the reasons of petrol crisis, with the offer to bring action against nefto - Kombi . And though any of 6 groups investigating a situation at the enterprise, yet has not presented definitive results of the activity, officials of the mayoralty have used the offer of antimonopoly committee.
By words g - on Kolomijchenko, division " can become a desirable outcome for a city; nefto - Kombi on 9 - 10 independent firms. However experts agree in opinion that crushing of the company will not improve a situation - the solution of a problem of non-payments depends not on quantity of the companies, and from possibility and readiness of the parties it to solve. If the reason of petrol scandal is the desire of the administration imitating the Moscow colleagues, to supervise the market of oil products the example for imitation is not absolutely successful.
in 1992 the Moscow mayoralty has received in the order analogue nefto - Kombi - the Moscow industrial industrial complex of motor repair service (MPKA). This acquisition has solved a problem of control over the market, however has generated new - maintenance with its oil products. From - for it becomes ripe the next crisis in which approach specify some indirect signs. Without having received the response of the mayoralty to the offer to raise level of retail prices (the present prices do work in the Moscow market unprofitable), Rosneft has sharply reduced deliveries of raw materials on Moscow NPZ (their present level provides only safety of the equipment). The businessmen who completely have stopped deliveries of oil and last week in an emergency order got rid of stocks on MNPZ have joined state enterprise - crisis, as it is known, attracts confiscation of commercial gasoline for needs of the city, paid subsequently.