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The Italian trump has not played

CSKA has won a difficult victory in Bologna
basketball Euroleague

On Wednesday late at night basketball players of CSKA have won the next victory at the first stage of Euroleague. Soldiers on a visit with the account 78:71 have beaten Italian Skipper, taking thus a revenge for defeat in the first circle. With details from Bologna - correspondent DMITRY - VOSKRESENSKY.
in this game the champion of Russia was considered as the Favourite. The soldiers who have lost in last match of internal superiority in Kazan to the UNIX, on the misfire of the right second successively had no. Besides Skipper has won against soldiers in Moscow, having put them the first defeat in this season. One more reason - problems with structure at owners. Here already the fourth match was in succession passed by the leader bolontsev and Italian national team defender Dzhanluka Bazile who has stretched a muscle of a groin. Under the big question there was a participation of two more forwards - Argentinean Carlos Delfino and Finn Hanno Mottoly. But thanks to diligence of club doctors all of them - taki have appeared on a platform.
shortly before the beginning of a meeting the head coach of Italians Jasmin Repesha has ambiguously declared: it is necessary To us very difficult examination. CSKA - one of real candidates on participation in ` the Ending of four `. And we can while only to dream of it. And all - taki we hope for success in native walls. In Moscow the victory to us was brought zonnaja by protection which we have opposed to attacks of the contender. It is our trump .
Italians were excellent protected and on the Wednesday, supported by the ekspansivno - vigorous the Italian football fan . The last have hammered into drums on tribunes with the first whistle and did not stop to the most final siren.
only in three minutes after the meeting beginning there was an open account. Basketball players battled for each ball while at last Victor Alexander has not amazed a ring of owners. It has typed five points successively - and CSKA has moved. The answer of Belgian centre Van den Spiegel which has got from an average distance, has got soldiers. Mirsad Turkan and Alexander do again the account 9:2. However in an ending of the first quarter game was levelled. Spiegel has reduced backlog to minimum - 13:12. But there and then John Robert Holden gets to a ring the first time in a match - +3.
In the second ten-minute of CSKA constantly was in the lead. However Italians resolutely held two - trehochkovyj a separation, and in an ending of the second ten-minute at first have evened up scores - 29:29, and on the big break and at all have left, conducting in the account - 37:36.
total result the third quarter became defining. CSKA thanks to frequent replacements and aggressive pressure has escaped forward - 55:47. Teodoros Papalukas regularly realising penal, Alexey Savrasenko, over and over again putting block - shoty, and Mirsad Turkan which in time everywhere were especially appreciable.
And despite it, basketball players Skipper fought up to the end. Therefore the ending has turned out simply mad. Its both trainers have spent standing.
32 seconds prior to the termination of basic time when advantage of soldiers was estimated in 3 points, Dushan Ivkovich took last time - a miss. Right after it Markus Brown and Sergey Panov realised on two penal, and here at Italians forces, time for adequate actions simply has not sufficed - 78:71.
On poslematchevoj the press - conferences of Dushan Ivkovich so has commented on a match: We managed the first and last quarters. Certainly, has not done without problems. We have lost some selections at Spiegel which was especially active. We had very bad realisation trehochkovyh throws .
next Thursday CSKA in Moscow will lead a key match of the first stage of Euroleague with Maccabi from Tel - Aviva. The winner of this meeting will win first place in group and will receive weaker contenders in the second round.