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Europe have rolled

the Russian steams
the European championship on figure skating

Three Russian duets have taken the first, second and fourth places on superiority of continent. The best in the third consecutive time, predictably, steels Tatyana Totmjanina and Maxim Marinin. VALERY - MIRONOV transfers from Budapest.
first two hours of competitions of stars (if so it it is possible to be expressed) European pair figure skating at ice to look was as - that even awkwardly. All as - that is unsightly, clumsy, continuous falling... Did not console even that fact that among fifteen pairs acting with any programs nine - debutants. Unless Frenchman Zherom Blanshar has forced to attract attention, and that is faster article yes is underlined by solicitous attitude to the partner Sabrine Lefransua (they have closed the six of the strongest). It has reminded journalists Anton Siharulidze. Possibly, therefore they have amicably decided that only this not Russian pair has a chance of the light future.
in general and whole events developed under in advance known scenario. Could happen, however, and one pleasant deviation from the planned: if Julia Obertas and Sergey Slavnov have not admitted two small errors, they would become the third after Maria Petrovoj and Alexey Tikhonov. But, alas, stilisticheski modern, fresh driving of new pupils of Tamara Moskvinoj and has not moved technically more perfect execution of the composition by Poles Dorotoj Zagorsk and Mariushem Zjudekom.
very nice in every respect figure skaters from Petersburg Maria Petrov and Alexey Tikhonov last years do not progress at all: old receptions, old gestures and anything original. However, reproach, certainly, not to them, and to the experts working with this pair. However, figure skaters consider that their new program on music of Imre Kalmana to an operetta the Princess of circus - Best of all presented by them for six years of joint performances. And they are quite happy with quality of its execution. The only thing that on - chelovecheski touches them, so it is infinite reminders on already solid age of figure skaters, especially the partner. to me 32, but I do not feel the old man, - Alexey Tikhonov speaks about it. - as in big-time sports I have spent only six seasons. In this sense Masha, behind their which shoulders already ten, much more are more senior me .
Tatyana Totmjaninoj and Maxim Marinin`s Superiority over contenders of doubts did not cause. It is necessary to tell that it was necessary to Petersburgers is unsweetened. The matter is that doctors and cannot make till now to Tatyana Totmjaninoj the diagnosis and understand, paternal the left knee is ill it. on January, 5th on training before the championship of Russia in St.-Petersburg Tanja has unexpectedly felt a sharp pain. And any trauma was not, - the trainer of champions Oleg Vasilev has told. - We have spent some sessions magnitorezonansnoj therapies, and to it it became a bit easier. But the knee disturbs Tanju till now, despite infinite sorcery over it of the whole brigade of our doctors. Though every day its condition all - taki improves .