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Basques have warned tourists

Rest in Spain is life-threatening

THIS Basksky terrorist organisation has warned travel agencies of Spain and other countries about the beginning of the next campaign of acts of terrorism against tourist objects. Henceforth THIS intends to arrange acts of terrorism not only in the summer, during a tourist season, and all year long. But hardly these threats will seriously change a situation in the tourist market of Spain. With details - JUAN KOBO, the correspondent of RIA News in Spain, specially for.
As has informed on a press - conferences in Madrid the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain Anhel Asebes, letters THIS are dispatched on hundreds addresses - as to the Spanish companies through which to the country there arrives the majority of tourists, and to foreign firms. In the letter terrorists notice that intend to make tourism by one of the main objects of the subversive activities, proceeding from its role in economy of Spain. THIS motivates the decision amplified recently oppression baskskogo the people and also that in Basque Provinces is now actually entered the state of emergency which does not have analogues in Europe . THIS urges tour operators not to co-operate with Spain, remembering consequences which threaten their clients.
to make due effect on heads of tourist business, THIS reminds that during the existence it has spent more than 100 acts of terrorism in hotels, restaurants and boarding houses, more than 80 - at the airports, on iron and highways, more than 30 - on any tourist objects. In particular, last year it has spent the armed actions in two hotels (in Alicante and Benidorme), and also in city airport Santander. In Alicante severe wounds were received by tourists from the Netherlands and Germany, and two Russians who have arrived on Spanish language courses, have got to hospital in a condition of nervous shock. Terrorists also have blown up a bomb in tourist centre Santa - the Floor where have been killed 6 - the summer girl and 57 - the summer man.
baskskie insurgents have carried out especially impressing series of acts of terrorism on June, 22nd, 2002, having dated it for the summit in Seville by which presidency of Spain in EU was closed. Then within one day in different points of Spain five bombs have been blown up. Two explosions have thundered in the luxurious resort city of Marbelja and on a nearby not less well-known resort of Fuenhirola. Six persons have been wounded: three British (one of them it is heavy), the Moroccan and the Spanish married couple.
However, even after that day any tourist has not left Marbelju and Fuenhirolu, and also other resorts, nobody has refused the got rounds. And so was after each act of terrorism in tourist zones. As one English tourist, " has declared to journalists; terrorists are everywhere and if to be afraid of them from the house to leave better though and there they can get you. Therefore they will not intimidate me, and I will have a rest there where I want .
Experts specify that preventions of threat from outside THIS, which do the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of some countries (in particular, Great Britain), does not make serious impression on tourists. Moreover, last two years quantity of Englishmen which come to have a rest to Spain, grows. The stream was reduced from Germany - but not from - for terrorism threats that is why that the prices in Spain have grown.
present threats can not affect in general in any way tourist business of Spain as baskskim to insurgents them will uneasy carry out. THIS is almost crushed and has no those possibilities which possessed in 2002. Last year the quantity of acts of terrorism THIS was sharply reduced, and many explosions, including planned for last Christmas and New year, have been in due time opened by forces of law and order.