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Tatarija the food-processing industry

has started up to itself another`s vodka

As it became known, the minister of trade and the external economic cooperation of Republic Tatarstan Ilgiz Dautov has cancelled own order about an interdiction for import in republic of vodka more cheaply 64 rbl. for litre. Unprecedented inherently the interdiction has been removed under the pressure of local management of the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy, which some months explained to head mintorgovli what to support the local manufacturer thus it is impossible.
to interdiction Removal the long correspondence between territorial administration MaPa and mintorgovli preceded Tatarii. According to the chief of department on supervision of observance of the antimonopoly law of TTU MAPa of Galina Andreevoj, on the first letter in mintorgovli (it has been sent still in the end of the last year) with the offer to cancel the order about an interdiction its management has refused. And only after instruction MAPa has been given out the minister, Ilgiz Dautov has cancelled restrictions on import of cheap vodka. In most mintorgovli Tatarii do not make comments on a situation.
the interdiction has been established by the report of the meeting which have taken place still in August of last year in Tatar mintorgovli with the assistance of the largest local wholesalers. Mister Dautov held meeting. On it it was offered to wholesalers to refuse deliveries of vodka more cheaply 64 rbl. for litre in connection with 12 - percentage falling of manufacture at the State Unitary Enterprise enterprises Tatspirtprom (they supervises more than 70 % of the market of vodka of Tatarii). Besides, in the appendix to the meeting report the list of 41 marks vodok (basically manufactures Samara " contains; the Spring Osset the Source and of some others) which import it is necessary to refuse. Wholesalers then admitted informal conversations what ignore recommendations of representatives of the government they cannot, in spite of the fact that no order about an interdiction is present. As have declared in one of the companies, at a presentation ` forbidden ` vodka on certification the supervising body will not give the permission to its realisation .
Right after announcements of results of meeting local MAP has directed the reference to the Ministry of Trade and the external economic cooperation of Republic Tatarstan with the requirement to explain, on what basis the interdiction for import of certain kinds of the vodka, restraining " is entered; interests of managing subjects . Moreover, under the information, in the Tatar innovation have become interested in central office MaPa. That is easily explainable: despite a considerable quantity of administrative barriers, till now to such radical measures as a direct interdiction for vodka import, in one region did not resort.
With interdiction cancellation likerovodochnye factories from next to regions Tatariej again can deliver the vodka. However, experts do not exclude that the Tatar authorities still will think up something.