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Chuvashiya has proved to be to the president

the report

Yesterday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin flied to Chuvashiya where got acquainted with problems of village and the methods of their decision offered by the revolutionary president of Chuvashiya by Nikolay Fedorovym. The power of the Chuvash leader was transferred even to special correspondent ANDREY - to KOLESNIKOV.
for Vladimir Putin waited in the most remote area of Chuvashiya. For ten years the district Shemursha, as well as all to Chuvashiya, has turned to the contrast. Ten years ago, when Feodor`s president only has started to work over the republic, all in it was gloomily bad. But then Shemursha became horoshet - at first every year, then every day, now with each hour.
the district was going to meet Vladimir Putin scale fireworks. On the remark that it will be as - that is too artificial, the president of Chuvashiya answered that, on the contrary, it will be very strange, if the president does not see fireworks.
- After all at us in Shemurshe is fejerverochnoe manufacture, - it convinced employees of the presidential report. - really the president does not learn about this manufacture? - Nikolay Fedorov worried.
is not present, the president has not learnt about it. Instead of fireworks to it at first have shown regional library. The president of Chuvashiya has built such libraries in each district. In these libraries except books and magazines there is a satellite communication, the TV, the videorecorder and free access to the Internet.
some elderly readers sat at tables. Before everyone the magazine " lay; Female happiness . At all it has been opened on different pages. One grandmother has steeped in the publication silence Gold another was absorbed by article innocence . The grandfather watched on TV a film Russia young . The second series of a picture came to an end, and the president all did not go. Have put third. Peter I, oserchav on boyars, threw in them stools. Here - that Vladimir Putin also has entered. He literally for a minute was late near pensioners. Feodor`s president has told that these people right now, without descending from this place, can make fascinating travel to Louvre. He before our eyes as though sold excursion round and, it is necessary to recognise, did it talently enough.
the president has approached to the people sitting at computers. He was interested by the grandmother and the grandson. They about something were whispered. The president has sat down on hunkers near to them.
- That you there search? - He has asked.
the boy putano has started to explain that the grandmother was at the doctor, but the doctor could not help it.
- why? - The president has asked.
- illness at it such, - eyes of the boy were filled with tears.
here the initiative took in hands the grandmother:
- Give I will tell. At me an allergy to a frost. Such rare illness. Doctors long thought before to diagnose. Very strongly doubted. But here such diagnosis. And the medicine is not present! At us about such illness anybody also did not hear. The doctor but has got knowing, thank God. And here upon Nikita also has dawned: the Grandmother! Yes at us the library is connected to the Internet . And here we have come here. Yes, there is such illness! And the medicine for it is...
is a miracle! A miracle! I will be taken off! - the happy grandmother repeated.
leaving a room, the president has again faced pensioners. They have already postponed magazines and waited for the president standing. Someone has complained to Vladimir Putin of health. The president it is sympathising has nodded.
- it is not necessary to be ill! It is necessary to read! - Nikolay Fedorov has told and, having nodded on magazine Female happiness has cheerfully burst out laughing.
having talked to pensioners, Vladimir Putin has greeted people who waited for it two hours on the area before administration Shemurshi building ( Learn?! - With pride their Nikolay Fedorov asked, nodding on the president of the country), and in some minutes already conducted the meeting devoted to actual problems of development of village. Opening it, it has reminded all who yet does not know that we have small shifts in economy .
- I always accurately tell it: small shifts, - the president has explained.
it became clear that he so speaks from modesty. Actually shifts very big.
after the president a word took Feodor`s mister. Its speech has made very strong impression. Without false modesty he has declared that the republic develops amazingly fast rates. Nikolay Fedorov has invented many the surprising things promoting it. So, by it it is thought up socially - cultural - an educational complex. That is schools are used in the evenings as dosugovye the centres.
- we build as well new schools. How? Smoothly working method - the Chuvash national building is tested. Economy of material means - 70 percent! On children`s death rate at us the best indicators not only in Privolzhsky federal district. We come nearer to the European standard! - it is live the president of Chuvashiya has exclaimed.
after that during any five - seven minutes Nikolay Fedorov has resulted some more convincing proofs of how the republic under its management promptly develops.
- as a result I have come to a conclusion that in the politician the happiness not in money, - was unexpectedly concluded by the president of Chuvashiya. - we worked - worked and at last have understood it.
he has kept silent. I was have thought that already and I do not learn, in what then happiness. Nikolay Fedorov all held in the meantime a pause.
- is not present, happiness of the politician not in money. And in ability to operate them! - at last with a celebration it has finished.
on it it would be good and to become silent.
but after all Feodor`s mister still has told nothing about new exchequer system of Chuvashiya.
- it - the best in Russia! - It has begun to bustle. - and still. Last year in Chuvashiya has been named by Year of mother. And birth rate has increased by 10 percent. This year we named Year of the child. In January in Chuvashiya two were born trojnjashki!
It, of course, there was a point on which anybody never can overtake Chuvashiya. Usually after all in such cases trojnjashek all - taki is more.
- Besides, in the end of the year we have won the Cup of Europe on sports walking! - in words Feodor`s mister already choked. - we, Cheboksary, has won the Norwegian city of Bergen. The European championship will pass at us! And in general, I express confidence that the XXI-st century becomes a century of Chuvashiya!
ahead of a planet of all Chuvashiya and in a mortgage. Citizens actively use both federal, and local grants.
- and after all people in our republic have the right also to the additional child, and on an additional discount in this connection! - Nikolay Fedorov has told.
- each citizen in our country has the Right to the additional child, - Vladimir Putin has with authority said. - tell, and what interest rate of a mortgage loan in Chuvashiya?
and he has looked at the first deputy minister of the finance of Russia Sergey Vjazalova.
- Fifteen percent, - that has answered.
- and inflation what?
- twelve percent.
- and why then the rate such high?
- so risks, Vladimir Vladimirovich!
- what risks?!
- everyone incurs risks... - having rumpled, mister Vjazalov has uncertainly answered.
- Even the Central Bank rate now became 14 percent, and after all we speak about the social project.
- it agree. We will look at this question.
- here also look, - mister Putin has finished.
the doctor Lyudmila Nikolaeva has told that in Chuvashiya one family doctor is responsible for the child from a birth to the death. To such doctor - to a long-liver it is unimportant, what salary at it.
is in general kanadsko - the Chuvash project! - Feodor`s mister has exclaimed. - know, what offices at our doctors? European-quality repair! Doctors have replaced with themselves surgeons! We have trained all!
on this highest note the meeting also has ended. I have approached to the deputy minister of the finance to mister Vjazalovu and have asked, whether the mortgage loan interest rate will go down now.
- well though you - that, probably, the competent person! - he has puzzly looked at me. - we will pass the law on eviction of citizens in case of non-payment under the credit - and rates will fall.
- but while have not fallen, can, will lower? All - taki - the social project. And the president has told to you that have looked.
- and what to look? - Mister Vjazalov has gloomy asked. - Deputies will accept the law on eviction in the spring.
an hour later already in Cheboksary the meeting on mezhkonfessionalnym to problems of Russia has begun. Acting, the president admitted that recently has paid attention that the quantity of ethnoses in Russia has increased.
- but it does not mean that them became more. Simply people do not hesitate to tell about the konfessionalnoj an accessory, - he has told. - and earlier we had one historical generality - the Soviet people! And it has not been deprived the bases.
now these bases are not present. There were others. And again in all growth there was a president of Chuvashiya Nikolay Fedorov. It the breast has closed outlined gap in konfessionalnyh relations. And now, as Olga Denisov, " has noted the minister of culture of Chuvashiya; historical bent for to Russian studying as language mezhkonfessionalnogo dialogue in Chuvashiya is completely satisfied. All citizens of Chuvashiya all ohotnee identify themselves with the nationality .
I already was have decided that in Chuvashiya there are henceforth in general no problems.
- at us exists more than three hundred religious institutions. Among them more than two hundred orthodox, a lot of Islamic, including Protestant, - it has finished.
only in this place I also have understood that one problem all - taki exists. And first of all it - in madam Denisovoj.
Metropolitan Varnava in the report has noticed that under the direction of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and Vsemilostivogo of the Lord Russia confidently goes by the way of progress.
- but naywards of totalitarian sects sometimes shake not strong souls, and mass media sometimes help them with it, - drawlingly osuzhdajushche it has hooted.
- thanks you big for the information, - were thanked by its mister Putin.
Mufty Albir - hazrat too spoke about growing spiritual expansion from some powers of darkness. He did not name names, but I all understood more distinctly that mezhkonfessionalnaja the problem in Chuvashiya really is.
- but there are also positive displays. Here during a New Year`s congratulation you do not give a toast champagne. It means, you propagandise a healthy way of life! For us it is very important. All of us have noticed it! - a mufti has declared.
the chairman of the Center of Russian culture of Chuvashiya Antonina Chepaksina too has fallen with ruthless criticism upon television:
- Films which show on TV, develop our souls not in that party!
and to the Frenchman it is pleasant to father Vasily who has arrived to Cheboksary from Paris, on the contrary, all. He looks films even in the Chuvash language.
- me Chuvashs speak: the Father, you that look, all the same after all understand nothing . But I want to understand! And I will look!
having approached after meeting to journalists, the president of Russia in next already time has told that is not going to change the Constitution to increase term of the presidential powers. It had an information occasion to repeat it. Yesterday with such initiative, as it is known, there was to all people of good will an Ivanovo thought. However, the president admitted that well understands people who suggest to make it. They think of stability. Alas, as shows experiment of Chuvash president Nikolay Fedorova, on reaching demanded stability and prosperity, it is required not less than ten years. So in Russia it is necessary to wait a little with stability. And all - taki personally I too have chosen the smaller from two harms.