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The Office of Public Prosecutor deduces actives of YUKOS from - under the Ministry of Internal Affairs

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has requested on check from the main investigatory management (GSU) the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district criminal case about a conclusion of actives of East oil company belonging now to YUKOS. For Vasily Shahnovsky who is passing on it by the witness, it can end with new charge.
business on actives VNK has been raised in 2000 by Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow, and then Ministry of Internal Affairs TSFO is transferred to investigation GSU. The essence of claims of a consequence is reduced to that YUKOS, having got controlling stock VNK, has charged to operate it Rospromu which then Vasily Shahnovsky headed, and that has given out the power of attorney on signing of contracts from VNK Ramilju Burganovu (in 1998 it held a post of one of structural divisions of Open Society East oil company ). Soon actions of the different enterprises belonging VNK ( Tomskneft Achinsk NPZ, etc.) Have been transferred offshore structures. Ramil Burganov at first denied the fault, and has then ceased to be under summonses. To it have in absentia brought accusation in property plunder (actives VNK in the form of actions for the sum more than 1 mlrd rbl.) Also declared in January, 2002 in search. Vasily Shahnovsky passes on business by the witness. During interrogation he declared that did not know that Ramil Burganov will transfer to an offshore of the stock of affiliated structures VNK.
Business was investigated so-so three years. In the summer of 2003 when the owner of a controlling interest of YUKOS Platon Lebedev, and in " has been arrested; M - the Register the companies - the YUKOS registry holder, the server with the data under registers of the different companies including VNK, the State Office of Public Prosecutor has requested materials of check VNK of Audit Chamber has been withdrawn. By the way, only then there was an information on the announcement in search of the employee of YUKOS Ramilja Burganova.
Now this business is requested by the State Office of Public Prosecutor from GSU on check, and not excluded that materials and remain with it. As the State Office of Public Prosecutor investigates similar case on which the shareholder of YUKOS Leonid Nevzlin passes in absentia accused of assignment of actions VNK. Besides, it is possible, the State Office of Public Prosecutor Vasily Shahnovsky`s figure which as a result can turn from the witness on business to the accused interests.
this business has been raised in 1998 and no any bases under itself has, - the lawyer of the mister Shahnovsky Vasily Aleksanjan has declared. - the State has already sold the actions (VNK. - ) also recognised that no damage existed. Vasily Shahnovsky has been interrogated as the witness four years ago because it has given out the power of attorney on signing of contracts from VNK to the employee of YUKOS Ramilju Burganovu. We were reached by data that now the State Office of Public Prosecutor has requested this business from GSU Ministry of Internal Affairs TSFO, but any investigatory actions on it with Vasily Shahnovsky was not spent .
the Lawyer of mister Nevzlina Dmitry Haritonov has declared that its ward to financial and economic activities of YUKOS had no relation. To make comments on charges to my client and action of the State Office of Public Prosecutor I cannot, I will not familiarise yet with documents on business - the defender has noted.
on Wednesday the State Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that has directed to lawyer Haritonovu the answer to its inquiry in which date of its meeting with the inspector " has been specified; for finding-out of all remedial questions . However yesterday mister Haritonov has declared that the answer by mail from the State Office of Public Prosecutor it yet has not received also any new calls from this department too was not.