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The Volgograd thought could not select the senator

United Russia party members have fallen a victim of own election system

Yesterday the Volgograd regional thought could not select the new representative in federation Council. The present representative of regional Duma in Council of Federation Alexander Golovanchikov who has been put forward by communists, and a creature an United Russia Vadim Artjuhov have not collected quantity of votes necessary for a victory.
before to start voting by nominees, deputies of the Volgograd regional Duma have decided to specify rules on which voting results will be recognised by legitimate. In December of last year on elections of the speaker of a thought in connection with this procedure scandal has inflamed. Then United Russia party members have doubted legitimacy of election as the speaker of communist Romana Grebennikova. According to the law About the Volgograd regional thought the decision on election of the speaker is accepted by simple majority of votes. United Russia party members asserted that the winner should receive 50 % plus one voice from the established structure of deputies (that is 20 voices. - ) while for mister Grebennikova only 19 persons have voted. Their opponents drew that the formulation the simple majority it is necessary to understand literally words, and for a victory to the speaker was to receive enough on one voice more.
Vitse - speaker Vitaly Lihachev has suggested to make change to thought regulations according to which the senator for whom 20 persons will vote will be considered as the selected works. However the communist Nina Salina insisted on election of the senator as rating voting, that is simple majority of votes. by these rules selected the speaker as it is necessary to choose and the senator - its deputy Vladimir Lobojko has supported. However the parliament has stopped on the offer vitse - the speaker.
13 members of parliament, basically communists, have suggested to prolong Alexander Golovanchikova`s powers. 13 More person, basically United Russia party members and adjoined them, have supported a nominee of the former deputy minister of property relations of the Russian Federation of Muscovite Vadim Artjuhova. It, addressing to deputies, the special emphasis has made on the communications with the government, having promised to lobby interests of the Volgograd region in parliament. Communists have taken an interest at mister Artjuhova why it, having arrived to Volgograd for the first time, has decided to be selected from this region. because it is region very rich with traditions, and I know its painful points - the candidate for senators has answered.
following the results of ballot Vadim Artjuhov has typed 17 voices, Alexander Golovanchikov - 12, against all 6 deputies have voted. Thus, any nominee has not collected necessary quantity of votes that has revolted United Russia party members. They have tried to return position about The simple majority . Why at us different lines of thought? Time we so chose the chairman, means, and the senator should as be chosen - the deputy from " has declared; an United Russia Vladimir Popov. what you here suit circus? Have refused the new amendment - the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Evgenie Novikov parried.
the Majority of independent deputies have declared that United Russia party members have outwitted themselves and are guilty in the created legal stopper . Sources in regional Duma consider that to following session there can be one more candidate for senators - the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president in Southern federal district Nikolay Sleptsov.
OLGA - STAVSKY, Volgograd