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Meeting of cellmates

Festival of chamber music Returning
a concert the classics

has passed VII Festival of chamber music In the Rahmaninovsky hall of conservatory Returning . At festival concerts has visited the BARBARIAN - turova.
Each of festival concerts - thematic. For seven years have thought up set of interesting programs. Stravinsky`s reflexions Music on sale Black angels but, strangely enough, after the lapse of seven years authors of festival of imagination have less, and it is more than experience and mastery. On present Returning pianist Xenia Bashmet became the protagonist. Besides excellent feeling of ensemble its game is full of charm, charm and shine. At festival opening, in the program Musica Politica The devoted reaction of composers to political and historical events, Xenia Bashmet and Dmitry Bulgakov have played the Suite for an oboe and Pavel Haas`s piano. Music of the ardent anti-fascist who was lost in the gas chamber, strained and interesting (Pavel Haas was one of the best pupils of Leosha Janacheka), the piano party has made live and actual. Execution of the oboist nearly did not have power, power while Xenia Bashmet`s game became a live refutation of ordinary opinion that in chamber music the main thing - the soloist, and the accompanist always on a background.
as has begun Returning it is known. Seven years ago the former students gnesinskoj desjatiletki oboist Dmitry Bulgakov and the violinist Minz have collected the Novel for joint playing music of the classmates who have scattered after school on different musical high schools of Europe. Some days after New year when in tour schedules there are pauses have appeared time convenient for all. Free atmosphere of this annual meeting of friends - both advantage of festival, and its lack. Workmanship is sometimes sacrificed prijatelstvu from the school bench, as a result many of numbers of festival do not represent a particular interest, and on standing things there is no time. However, for the sake of such numbers, as the Sonata for a clarnet and a piano of Kamilja Sen - Sanz, played by Igor Fedorovym and Sergey Kudrjakovym, or Five plays Francois Kuperena, easily, artistically, but without cheap effects executed by pianist Jacob Katsnelsonom, it is possible to forgive even Alexander Kobrin`s hysterical piano duet and Frederika d ` to Oria - Nicolas playing the Pupil of the magician Fields of Djuka and nearly razdolbivshih force of art grand pianos of the Rahmaninovsky hall.
traditionally last evening festival, the concert under demands, consisted of products which for a long time it would be desirable to play to participants of festival. And again a concert has made Xenia Bashmet. In Kitchen magazine to Boguslava Martin, written for a clarnet, a bassoon, a pipe, a violin, violoncellos and a piano, the pianist has literally infected partners in a scene with virtuosity in the Tango style accuracy and almost restaurant razudalostju in the Charleston and an improbable drive in the Ending .